It Never Changes Business is Always Frustrating | Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc

Whether your business is booming or in survival mode one thing that will never change is the frustrations of dealing with the challenges and frustrations of running a business.Most of the world would love to simply have the opportunity to do what you and I do every day, even in the face of challenges and difficult economies. 

We create our businesses to be, do, and have anything we want them to. I hear so often how tough it is, or how I must not understand a particular market, business, government regulations, or employees…and you know what if you don’t like your results, then change your strategy, change your price, change your customers, change your employees…change something please! You have the independence to make that happen, please use it.



I feel we all forget this from time to time when we’re operating our businesses. I know I do !  Thus please give the above article that was written in my local Chamber of Commerce’s newsletter a read… then post your comments below.



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