It’s the reason we all do what we do …. EVEN WHEN WE ARE BABIES …..

10520418_335934729925352_1748736199628240137_nJust finished watching something about Status Anxiety.

Nope. Not to do with Facebook. It’s to do with “our pursuit of status”.

Even the lack thereof.

I found it just confirmed my suspicions on why we act the way we do on social media INCLUDING #Periscope….

On why Periscopers want a million hearts… want interactive viewers… why viewers want broadcasters to acknowlege them… why Essena O’Neill ( behaved like she did on her own social media (before quitting – and even in quitting she’s still adhering to this basic tenant)…

It’s the reason I am posting this status update. It’s the reason we all do what we do …. EVEN WHEN WE ARE BABIES …..

We want to be valued, wanted and loved.

As humans we’re hard wired for it even when we think we’re not. We still seek that connection with another human somehow to feel valued, wanted and loved.

It’s what really drives us to do what we all do… everyday.

Some get this thru status symbols, some from “their tribe”, others from viewers/hearts on Periscope, a thank you from your kid …. and explains why we all adore our pets <3 ….

As much as we all try to not seek the approval of others … have a look at your life… REALLY LOOK… we ultimately do care what other people think of us.

I’ve always understood this… it’s the reason why I struggle whenever I’m kicked out of a FB group… I’ve always innately knew this universal truth amongst all of us… why I “liked” some people and didn’t like other people…

This is the reason why I jumped all over Periscope … it’s why I’m wanting to be a guide-post for those new to Periscope… it’s why some of my best PeriShows (according to … were the ones which were also… unsurprisingly… the most interactive where my viewers also felt valued, wanted and loved.

It’s why I sign off my PeriShows blowing kisses as I want people to feel wanted, valued and loved.

It’s where JOY springs from ultimately.

So … with that… it’ll be interesting to see how many of my “friends” like this status update… (irony much?)

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