It’s time to go……. Lady Vee !

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If you read that heading in a “Big Brother” voice – yes that was my intention and you’re full of awesome-sauce ! 😀

Recently I was “evicted” from an online group coaching programme.

I was wondering why I didn’t listen to myself in month 1 (it was Month 3 by the time I was evicted) and then subsequently in month 2 … why it was bothering me and that I felt like it wasn’t the right fit.

Universe eventually assisted in me in leaving 😉 (ask me about the Feather / Brick / Truck sometime!)

None the less, here are some of the lessons I’m thankful for learning from my time in that online programme:

Your program/offering is for specific people not for everyone

Whilst I applaud the woman behind the program for wanting to “save the world” .. she is trying to offer something for everyone when really she needs to be more specific with what she is offering and WHO is suitable.

(These are my opinions only and those of this ladies’ “tribe” (her loyal followers) will think differently.)

Those who have strong personalities online similar to myself – NO GO. Avoid. How so ? I was told that I was contributing “too much” at one point. I was actively censored from contributing. Yet I was always on topic with my contributions.

Those who have a STAR as their primary Wealth Dynamics profile – NO GO. Avoid. How so ? It links with the before-mentioned in a lot of ways. I like being seen. I’m not afraid to be seen. I am naturally inclined to shine “like a star”. As mentioned, I was actively told to “dim my light”.

THIS is the biggest lesson I learnt from my participation. Further instilling in me that trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one . . . and you end up with situations like what happened to me 🙁 which is never a good thing.

Be authentic, vulnerable and transparent

Unfortunately, whilst the presenter thought she was being transparent and authentic – IMO she was still holding back. She also presented in a “I’m better than you” style which did bother me at points (a little condescending).

Also, let’s just say that she needs to be up-front with “who is part of her tribe” (as in private clients or loyal to her). Believe me, if I had known this up-front I would have actively “watched what I said” around these types of people. These people are putting the program facilitator on a pedestal and she can do no wrong … and thus anyone who may think differently are “heathens” (and will cause you trouble which it did for me)!

Oh. . . and the big one: The program facilitator actively told me she was not using it as a lead funnel when she was always pushing people to buy her book or buy into online course. If it’s NOT a lead funnel – then why would you constantly plug your book and that online course ? Why couldn’t you actively just leave them out of it ?

Naturally, the “come back” is that “these courses and the book would assist people with the online webinar series”. No. No it will not. IMO. See my next lesson.

Overwhelming Your Participants

Yes, some of the actions seem “easy” to implement. Yet also, some of the actions aka home-play aka homework could take awhile to implement for a lot of people. Why ? WE HAVE LIVES !!

Not to mention, if you did buy the book (thankfully I did not) you not only had the webinar home play .. you also had the book “home play” at the end of each chapter ! Which one do you implement ? The book or the webinar ? I ask this because I managed in the first month to compare the webinar home play (aka homework) to what was in the first chapter . . . and it wasn’t exactly the same . . . and left me more than a little confused !

If you want to offer people actions to implement during the month – actually use the home play that is in each chapter of the book. Word for word.

Watch Your Language

With thanks to one of the participants alerting me to this it gave me a big A-HA moment and another reason why something in me was having an issue with the whole thing.

I watched the replay of her last webinar (Month 3). The amount of negative language this presenter uses has gob-smacked me!

For someone who is pushing to “be positive” – she uses a lot of “don’t” and “should” . . . whoa there !!!

Cookie Cutter Template

This is an extension of what I’ve before-mentioned in that she is trying to actively craft everyone to be “just like her” when we cannot. She hasn’t at any point in time taken into account everyone’s different lives, values, priorities, wants and needs … not to mention personalities. At no point have did I feel she is wanting us to craft our own lives and do things more in alignment with who we are holistically.

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  1. Great post about your experience, unfortunately there are a lot of coaches out there who are ‘in it for themselves’ rather than their clients and do not ‘practice what they preach’ and from your experience it would appear that you inadvertently found one

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