I’ve got WHAT in my bed?

Author: Vitaly Grinblat (Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter )

When I was 18, I answered a “help wanted” ad that said you could make $350-$500 a week part time, which seemed like a lot at the time.

What it actually ended up was selling $1,600 vacuum cleaners door to door.

I lasted there for about 3 weeks, going door to door just ain’t my thing you know… BUT the lessons I got there, especially looking back, were invaluable.

And I’d like to share a MAJOR one with you… one that’ll help your seriously boost your persuasion power and make a lot more sales, recruit more people, and… yes make more money.

In case you’re not familiar with how selling these things door to door works, here’s the skinny…

You knock on a door and hopefully a nice lady opens it, your pitch is that your local office is doing a raffle in this community for a “free” carpet shampoo and you get their info to contact them “IF” they win.

Which for some odd reason they always do :).

Then the telemarketing department calls these people to congratulate them on winning 1 room of “free” carpet shampoo and schedules an appointment for you to go and do your thing.

Of course your job is to sell the machine while doing the demo.

In the course of your demo, there are 3 things you need do to shock the hell out of them about their current vacuum.

And you really DO shock them, but before you do, you simply ask them… how important is having a clean home to you?

As you can imagine EVERY SINGLE TIME they say… VERY IMPORTANT.

Keep this in mind, and I’ll come back to it in a moment.

Then picture these 3 things…

One, you vacuum with a new machine, and the visible filter which you can see through a plastic window, fills up with DIRT right from their carpet.

Second thing you do, you take a can of salt, and pour that sucker right into the carpet.

Then you thoroughly vacuum the spot with THEIR vacuum cleaner, about 100 times going back and forth.

You then take your handy dandy machine and roll it across that spot ONCE, and then pull the filter out showing all the salt that’s left in the carpet.

Imagine the shock and anger on some of these people’s faces.

And as if that’s not enough, for the final blow, you ask them to show you their mattress, not any mattress, but their kids’ for a more emotional punch.

And you show little white stuff that your machine sucks out of the mattress, then showing them a brief video explaining these are “dust mites” that are crawling around in their beds.

Well, by that time they are pretty much done.

Now, remember that question we asked them in the beginning… “how important is having a clean home to them?”

When they say it’s very important, they’ve made a COMMITMENT, and now when you show them how dirty their carpets are even after a thorough vacuuming, and all the stuff about dust mites in their bed…

 it’s impossible for them to psychologically renege on this commitment.

Once we say something, we tend to stay CONSISTENT with that commitment.

Remember the blog post “Influence with a side of french fries…” about CONSISTENCY?

( click here to read it )

This is another big principle in influencing and persuading people.

Good salespeople know that you need to get small commitments from people, like little yeses, before asking for the BIG YES (the final close).

Your entire marketing campaign needs to be a series of small commitments from selling the click in your ad… all the way to the order button.

Keep these things in mind as you create and tweak your offer and how you present it.

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