Just a quickie

Wow. It’s nearly been a month since my last blog post ?!

Holy crap !

Okay, here’s a general update. I will go into various parts another time 😉

1. I did the 10 Grand in 10 Day intensive with Rossco Paddison.  All I can say to people is do it.  If I can make it work – ANYONE CAN !  Seriously, what I started out with you can find on my “FREE” page here (the one talking to animal lovers)… I created that and churned it out within 3 days… and within hours of launching it… BAM!  15 min phone call.. and SALE !   I did my first ever strategy session.  It is actually thanks to that session….

2. I broke my brain thanks to Shaune Clarke … and gosh darn it… I was really amazed at what came out.  Thanks to my brain breaking (and it was such an intense process) I have something for my 1 Day Lady Vee event.  My first ever one…   and the brilliant part about it ?  Whilst I’m applying this to a personal development realm – it can be easily applied to business !  I know it can be applied to business as it is a more succinct and detailed version of what I did in my first ever 2 hour strategy session.

3.  I’m a co creator, co founder and (eventually once I’ve done this course on May 4th) Master Facilitator for ISE (Integrated Social Encoding).   It’s a funny group … funny = good.  We’re so diverse !   Plus without counting Rossco (or counting him ?) there are 6 males and 6 females thus making it quite the balanced group.   I won’t be mentioning much about it here as that will be in “the book” which you’ll have to wait for… hahaha



4.  LADY VEE HAS LAUNCHED !!  Refer the FREE section 😉


So… whatcha been up to lately ?

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