Kim Klaver’s trick to get her to tune in…

When you call someone you know and want to introduce your business or product, you may be sure she has her mind FULL of other stuff. Kids, FB, email, chores, AND worrying about her bills, a problem with her spouse, not having anything ready for dinner, the teen who’s overweight, you get the picture.

So when she answers the phone for you that first time, the attention you get is probably not even ONE percent of her brain.

That’s not enough to process your words.

Here’s something I do – and teach my babies – that gets you at least ONE moment of her almost full attention – 65%-70%. That’s as good as it’s going to be on that first date.

“Hey there Lulu? It’s Kim!”

[Oh hi there Kim! How’re you?]

“Fine, thanks. Say Lulu – I only have a minute. The reason I’m calling is – I’m calling everyone I know to ask them a question. Do you have a sec?”

(Go ahead and say that out loud to see how it sounds to your own ears.)

At that moment, I can always feel the other person turning their attention AWAY from the computer or her chore, and for the next few seconds, I have most of her attention.

How would you use that 30-45 seconds of time?

Remember, it’s a question you will ask, not a lecture or other propaganda about your thing.

NOTE. The name of your company adds nothing to her life. The name of your product adds nothing to her life. The science of the product adds nothing to her life. The company’s vision adds nothing to her life. Making a big promise likely makes her eyes roll. Accosting or pressuring her ensures she won’t pick up the phone next time she sees it’s you on Caller ID.

What is your mission possible during those 30 seconds?


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