Lady Vee’s Defining Moment Story

ProfilePhotoI live a life most people want to live…

I am not ashamed of my past; my past has shaped my future.


I have a passion for life and a need to serve other people.  I never feel alone.  I belong in this world.  I surround myself with like-minded people.  I have a support network.


Authenticity.  Courage.  Belonging.  These are my rules.


I own my past and I use it as a source of empowerment for other people.  It is this passion that drives me to a life of serving others.  I surround myself with people I want to be surrounded by.


But it wasn’t always this way…


IMG_4371For many years I fed from other people’s shame and guilt and actively denied and hid my past.  I served others and had a passion for life but not in the way I wanted.  I wasn’t my authentic self. I surrounded myself with people who I felt would accept the me I pretended to be.    I hid who I was.  I denied my past at all costs.  I didn’t own it.  I was afraid  people wouldn’t accept me for who I was.  I was afraid to be who I really was.


I made a life changing decision…


I decided to own my past and use it as a source of empowerment . . . but not just for myself.  I was no longer ashamed of it.  My past had given me my future and so I saw it for what it really was – a great awakening.  I decided not to hide anymore and to allow my genuine authentic self to blossom.  The sexy, flirtatious, raunchy, (sometime controversial and taboo) confident me.  The real me!  I am not everyone’s cup of tea.  I know that.  But I claim it.


I decided to claim my position in the world – to have the courage to re-claim my own story and thus be of service to others.


My past is an awesome way to help me do this and really make a differece.  It enables me to immerse myself in a community where I really belong . . . where I can help other people find their place in the world they want to belong to.



Now this is what I have…


IMG_1753A new passion for my life … I feel connected to who I am.   I am not alone.  I belong.  I have discovered so much in such a short time not just about myself but about other people.  It’s been an amazing journey.


I have a new business  . . . where I know I can enable other people to have the courage to have an authentic life… an authentic business… to be who they are…


I can a bring an energy to other people’s lives by encouraging them to revitalise their own power into their lives just like me.   I will help them join a community where they can feel safe and belong and supported in their individual journeys.



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