Law Of Least Effort using Blab

As a blab host (and even as a co-host however not as a guest) you get a lot of options: to upload the Blab to Youtube (which you can do within Blab itself pretty soon after your Blab has finished) with a click of a button, you are also email-ed the audio only file and video file for you to re-purpose as you please (as you can see I’ve uploaded this to my Facebook page).

… all you need is a twitter account to gain access to use BLAB (or you can be a web viewer).

It’s the Law Of Least Effort because ONE thing I did (host a Blab)… gave me video content for Youtube + Facebook … allowed me to network online (in the comfort of my home)… I even LEARNT something thanks to my guests… AND finally… due to making each guest a co-host my BLAB will appear in ALL of their profiles which will give me more potential leads…

This is the power of Blab.

I also provide a free 15-20 mins of training prior to pressing record on the Blab (yes, YOU as the host can control the live recording!) for anyone who needs a bit of Blab basics training (thus furthering my “expertise”) 😉

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