Lessons From Spending Time With @SoniaCarroll (Top Periscope Broadcaster)

If you have not already cottoned on by now, I adore Periscope.

If you want to learn more about Periscope please get in touch with me for a free copy of The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Periscope 🙂 

After I had done my daily Business PeriShow (The Truth About Being A Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneur) …  I checked out if anyone else I was following was live …  another local … @SoniaCarroll !   (click here to learn more about Sonia)

I popped into her Periscope broadcast (aka PeriShow) to say hi. I also informed her of the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo happening today (and tomorrow).  That was it – it was a PeriDate !

Lesson:   Be open to opportunities to connect with people ! 

Eventually we connected at The Expo.

Lesson:  Be bold.  Say HI.  We are all human in the end. 

I could’ve easily shy-ed away and never tried to connect with her as she is one of the Superstars of Periscope (at least for Australia!)….  yet I didn’t as I genuinely wanted to meet her as I admire her for being authentically herself.

Whilst we were chatting we happened upon another person who we both had an inkling looked like he was a doing a live PeriShow …  we were right !  We had just met Ron Pia (click here to view his PeriShows).. another local Periscope broadcaster !

Lesson:  Be spontaneous.  

Lesson:  What you think of you is more important than what others think !

This is when the above lessons comes into play:

Due to this random happenstance, we were featured on Ron’s PeriShow!  I highly doubt he was expecting THAT .. and from there Sonia started her live PeriShow at the same time!  (My phone had died so I couldn’t join in.)  We possibly looked a little ridiculous to a lot of other people around us … NONE OF US CARED !

We were having fun.

You want to know what I feel are Sonia’s secrets for having such a popular PeriShow ?

Sonia is authentic:  the lady I met today (when she wasn’t broadcasting) is the exact same person who you view when she is broadcasting.

Sonia has fun:  Whether it is a more random PeriShow or something that she has set up a bit for her viewers  … it is plainly obvious she is having fun each and every time.

Sonia is vulnerable:  This is in relation to the fact that she does a lot of PeriShows. You do not have to do as many and as frequent as she does ! Nope. If that isn’t your style – find what works for you and do it. People love you for you.  Where she is vulnerable is the fact that she does share her life with us all – often.

You don’t need to be perfect for Periscope !

 Just be YOU!

Who have you met with thanks to Periscope ?




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