Leveraging – Day 2

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Day 2

Leveraging your time and resources increases your business profitability.

How can you leverage the following resources more:
* Market position
* Current products / services
* Staff / contractors skills
* Time
* Money

Market Position – How can you add value to the customers in that market that no-one else is doing/offering? (perhaps in sales tools or promotional items)

How can your message speak specifically to your target market’s key problem/challenge?

Products / Services – What can you do once that you can use or repeat again with much less effort or time?

Staff / Contractor Skills – what are their skill and personality strengths that you are not using or maximising?

Time – What can you do as a rinse and repeat, resell something you have already done/created for someone?

Money – what can you do to invest in your business – increase assets or productivity?

Market Position:


Current Products / Services:


Staff / Contractor Skills:






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