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This blog post is a continuation from my original blog post ( click here to read more ). 


As was mentioned in my previous post, I was a little stuck on Catalyst Four.  Good news:  I’m not anymore !  The header image has been done !!!

I didn’t exactly do as per Mark’s recommendation. I did something else which worked just as well IMO.   As has been mentioned, this group already has members within it.  I’m looking to re-vamp the group and grow it (and give it new life).   Well, as the Universe would have it, there is a graphic designer in my group ! 😀  Thus I approached her with my “strategic alliance” offer.  This is also what I like to refer to as a #GoodAsk.

In a nutshell, I asked her if she would like to create my Facebook Group’s header image in return for me allowing her to put her logo on it as well as give her credit.  Thus as I grow the group, that header image will be seen by more and more people and hopefully encourage more people to consider her for their graphic design needs.  Cost to me: $0.  All I had to do was ask !

Catalyst Five: Description And Tags

If you click on the group you’ll see the group description and tags.   The great thing about both the description and tags is that you can change it however many times as you please…………………………………. however be very aware that each time you do it comes up as a post within your group.   My recommendation is to do this at a time when you feel very few people will be ‘looking’ in your group thus see the changes hence allowing you plenty of time to delete each of the posts that are done automatically by Facebook each time you make these changes.

Catalyst Six: The Power Of A Pinned Post

Part of the advice Mark shares is to do a professional looking video as part of your Pinned Post.  It doesn’t have to be super cut and polished however better than an amateur video if possible.  Other tips I would include is to try to make it 3 mins maximum … and make the first 10 seconds count (these are basic video marketing 101).

Have I done this ?  I’ve a pinned post – yes.  No video at this stage.  I will eventually have a video done.  It takes me a good half day to make, edit and upload a video.  Whilst it is a skill I have developed over many years, I can ‘make’ basic professional looking videos with thanks to iMovie (and my eye for detail).

I’m considering possibly doing it with the Million Paws Walk in the background (which is happening this Sunday at the time of this blog post) ?  As I don’t want a standard “me looking in the camera with a blank background” type of video (boring!!!) since I’m aimed AT people who have and love pets … I want to include… PETS in the video 🙂   At minimum I want to include Garry (my own dog).  Marnie is hard to have sit around long enough to be included in a video.

…  well that’s Module 1 done !   (with a note that the video is on my TO DO list.)

Now onto Module 2 ….  time to inject new life into the group !!!  Exciting times ahead….

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