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A lot has been happening since my last update.


I have yet to delve into Module 3 as I’ve been busy with the group itself that I have put my self-study on pause !

Doing this self-study course is also have the side effect that I’ve become less tolerant and more rage-y about people adding me to THEIR facebook group without asking.  So many people do it. People whom I thought would know better too.  I don’t tolerate it because there are far better ways to grow your group or even establish it.   Not to mention, a lot of people start a group up with the best intentions however here’s the thing:

Eventually that group will grow. Eventually it go over the “tipping point” so as the activity is very active.  Eventually it will become a ‘full time job’ in a weird way to just look after the group EVEN WITH co-admins.  Thus .. and this is my opinion only .. honestly please do not start any Facebook group unless your intention is to eventually make money from it.  Honestly.

Otherwise it will just become yet another spam filled group like hundred of others with no value and making you look incompetent.   If you’re too busy to make your group have any sort of value beyond just being full of spam, advertise it for sale (yes you can SELL a facebook group) or for a new person to take over as admin.

Facebook groups (just like Facebook itself) can be a great way to create community. To create the change you want to see in the world.  There are REAL people behind those profiles.  People who have feelings/emotions.  Do not underestimate the power you have as the admin (or even creator).

For this reason, I have become extremely intolerant of being added to other peoples’ Facebook groups without my consent.

Everything I do to grow my Facebook group is based upon this self study course and the reason I adore it is because it always leaves the power to join WITH THE PERSON.  All I need to do is accept their request to join and provide a group that will be of high value to them.

Enough of that…  let’s talk about my experiences on this journey.

Loosing members who originally joined but then unjoined.  

Yes, there have been people who originally joined with thanks to either my advertising or “inbox messages” (where it is done as an invite allowing the person to join or not)… and then unjoined.   I have to admit I felt a little sad that this happened … for a second.  Yeh, I got over it really quick because one of the reasons I re-vamped the group and am devoting myself to it is to create my own tribe.   A space where I am liked as honestly if you don’t like me then it’s going to really impact your experience of the group.


Yup, thanks to me re-discovering “boost post” and how effective my first $6 was … I offered a $20 “done for you” advertising deal to a few people (via my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets FB page). Someone took me up on it !  This means I was able to have money (yay for other peoples’ money) to use to re-invest in my own advertising whilst doing theirs as well.  For transparency, the $20 buys $6 Facebook advertising credit (which is all you need for 6 days as I know how to get the most out of that $6) then the rest is “profit” as such.  It is also re-imbursement of my time for creating the Facebook advert.

Thus so far I have spent:
– $6 to boost a post on my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page advertising the group with good effect

– $6 to boost a post on my Network of Professional Pet Carers* page.   This one is currently happening at the time of this post thus I cannot report back on its effectiveness.

The difference is that my GC Lost and Found Pets page has over 12,000 likes versus over 300 on “the network” page.   I’m wondering if the page that I use (as I am boosting an existing post instead of creating it inside Facebook ads) has an impact on the advert.  I’ve also worded it differently.  Anyway, stay tuned.


Buffer is great however I’m using the free version thus can only connect it to two social media (Gold Coast Pets FB page and my LinkedIN profile).  Hence I needed a way to pre-schedule posts to my GROUP …  this is where PostCron comes into play.   I first noticed this app when I was part of another group as the posts had the ‘tag’ that it was posted via PostCron.   Someone like me who is a little savvy with her social media notices these things.    On top of that, in a different group the admin there also espoused the wonder of PostCron.  So my main reason to use it is for my group.

You can only pre-schedule up to 10 posts before you have to pay.  That’s okay by me and work-able until I can afford to pay for it.

Finding my first co-admin ! 

Yup, things are really starting to gear up in my opinion that it is best for me to have a co-admin NOW than later when I feel overwhelmed.

It’s interesting because the choice for who was an easy one 😉 as the lady has been supportive since I started revamping the group !!


This isn’t what you think it is… it’s about a member joining your group and then finding out they’ve blocked you.

Now here’s the quirky thing about all this… you’ll still see the posts made by that member in the group however you can only delete the post… you need a second admin to be able to remove them as a member.

This was a first.  I looked it up in Facebook Help to see how others have dealt with this issue or even if others DID have this issue.

Unfortunately, others have had this issue ( here ) and ( here ).   Hence the reason for me finding a co-admin quick smart.

It was a real shame as I loved the post the member who blocked me had done. I wanted to like it.  Nope. No liking it for me.

Going into a group and then blocking the admin smacks of rudeness to me personally.  Also, if you’re going to block the one person who OBVIOUSLY is trying to create a high value group.. that’s an issue..  I need to be able to communicate with ALL members… I want to be supportive of ALL the members… if you don’t want me to do that then my group is not the group for you.  If you blocked me because you don’t like me, this group is not the group for you.

It isn’t like there aren’t hundreds of other groups to join !  And I personally have left (or been booted out of) various groups. It hurts a little especially when you ‘like’ the group however in the end … this person chose to BLOCK me… the admin… the person investing money in this group…  thus nope. Not having you as a member. Good bye.

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