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In my previous blog post I discussed more my experiences.  This one I’m returning back to my journey with each Catalyst.

Module 2.

Catalyst One: Your Foundational Launch Members


I didn’t need to really do this as I already had “foundational members” hence the reason I had my graphic done.

I did it anyway.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much of a result from my Facebook profile post.   I also posted this on all my Facebook pages (Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets, Gold Coast Pets,  Network of Professional Pet Carers*).  I actually had a much better result boosting the post I made based upon what Mark taught on my Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page.

My aim is to have 300 members so as people start contributing more by their own volition as well as encouraging the community (the members of the group) to help each other as right now my co-admin and/or myself are the main contributors (with me of course being the main one).

Catalyst Two: Reaching 7,300 Members

To do this I need my laptop as this cannot be done via my phone or iPad unfortunately.

I firstly had to change from ENGLISH UK to ENGLISH US as unfortunately the GRAPH SEARCH feature is only available to US (still!!!).

I put “people who love pets who are not my friends” into graph search.  I then sent the message I crafted to all the people who had self-employed (usually or similar) on their profile AND that had mutual friends (at least 1! that’s all you need… hahahaha).

I also avoided people from certain countries as unfortunately people with ESL (english as a second language) are not my target market.  My target market is mostly Australia however I do know that I will need the support from people in the UK and USA.   Other countries can always join in, I won’t say no!  Yet they must be able to understand and comprehend what is going on and happening in the group.

Now, I have NOT done this everyday.  Mark says to do this everyday.  I personally did it once a week or at least 5 days apart …. and honestly…  doing that has helped me.  Due to how Graph Search puts up the same people however not in the exact same order as last time I used it…. a few people received the exact same message I sent them 5 days ago.  Thankfully I only had 2 people complain.  That’s actually quite good considering how many messages I had sent out !   I also had two other people reply back to say thank you for the reminder hahahaha and they subsequently joined the group.  So whilst some may be annoyed at the exact same second message… others saw it as a friendly reminder… and joined !

I’ve now “done the dash” on that Graph Search term (IOW, no more people to message).  Next time I do it I will have to think of another one.

I also didn’t use the text that Mark used or advocates.  Why ?  I did a quick survey and most people prefer short messages.   Mark’s message was LONG!  I know I’ve received a version of it from other people here and there …. and it’s annoyed me because it is so damn long.  We have to be VERY aware a lot of people access Facebook Messages via their phone and thus LONG messages are tedious and annoying when reading them on your phone.

So I came up with mine which has had a good response rate (as in people who join versus people who get pissed at my message).

For the curious here is the message I use for this Catalyst:


I promise I will keep this short.

I’m messaging you as we seem to have mutual friends & you’re a business person who loves pets !

I would love to invite you to join me (and many other pet lovin’ business people) to be part of a powerful facebook group which provides free resources, shares wisdom and gives you all the insight we collectively (as a group) have on business and pet care:

Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs
THE Facebook Group for Business People Who Love Pets!
Thank you for your time <3 and I hope to talk soon !

xox Vanessa

Catalyst Three: Early Days Engagement

Awesome. Done. Doing. Easy !

I find sometimes tagging people as a separate comment below the original post can assist people to interact too.

I’m currently testing out times of day as well as whether or not to attach an image or not will assist people to interact.

This one is a “work in progress”.



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