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Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs (Business Networking, Strategy, Collaboration) – THE facebook group for passionate pet people in business !

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Update:   Have I made any money from my Facebook group ?  No.  There is good reason too – I have not asked for the sale (as such).  My aim at the moment is to still grow the group to over 300 members using some of the techniques and strategies that Mark has given.

When I do use the strategies. It does grow.  It might be a little bit slow to grow however it is growing.  It’s currently at 177 members.  Nearly at 200.

The biggest benefit I have received from this group is the impact and connections that have happened with thanks to the group !!

I’ve also been slightly distracted learning Periscope and Blab (recently) so as I can incorporate both into the group.  I’m using BLAB for online networking events whereas I use Periscope for giving value.

Up until ‘now’, I also didn’t have a specific FREE GIFT to give away. Now I do:  10 Genius Hacks For Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs That Will Help YOU To Grow YOUR Business

Module 3

Catalyst One: The Ultimate Introduction

Whilst I have not done an introduction video… I am instead leveraging Periscope so as people can get to know me 😉   See my face, hear me speak, etc.   My plan is to do the introduction video (and have it properly made) when the group is a lot more active (and starting to receive some traction as far as new members being added is concerned).

I am doing the welcome new members message:

#MeetNGreet Welcome today’s amazing new members !

As a welcome gift go ahead and gain instant access to our 10 Genius Hacks For Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneurs That Will Help YOU To Grow YOUR Business .. Register your details right here »» «« to receive this FREE GIFT instantly in your email INBOX !

This group exists to empower YOU as an entrepreneur and pet lover, so please use this group to your full advantage.

So… why not start by introducing yourself (what do you do, where are you from, your Facebook page and the best bit WHO are your pets !):

Please feel free to add me on Facebook and let me know how I can further support you <3

xox Vanessa

PS Please read our Pinned Post ( )


Catalyst Two: Who’s in and who is out?

This one is about how to “vet” (verify) people.  This one I already pretty much knew as I also do the same for my Facebook profile.

Catalyst Three: Establishing The Rules

Done and doing.  My most recent one was about the rules in regards to any posts that start with:  Please delete if not allowed.   Those posts do my head in as an admin.     The guidelines for posting are readily available.  If you’re still unsure, I also make it easy for people to get in touch with me. . . to me there is no excuse.

Catalyst Four: Lead Legend And Value Add


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.56.19 pm

I need to stick to it.  I am going to leverage some of my Periscope videos to assist with this 😉

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