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Anyone who knows me knows I adore Facebook.  I recently learnt that I have been on Facebook since 2008 at the very least.  Prior to that I was on MySpace and prior to that I was on Geocities.  Geocities was (in my experience) the earliest form of social networking with all the different “neighbourhoods”.  (If you’re at all curious, I’ve been online since late 1993 basically….)

I don’t just adore Facebook. I adore social media and the power for social good it does have within peoples’ lives including my own.

Thanks to social media I’ve connected with hundreds of people.

Thanks to social media my humble little Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page is a resource not just a page. It’s respected.

Thanks to social media I’ve learnt a lot about business, marketing, sales and personal development.

What’s this got to do with this self study program ?

I bought it at a time when (honestly) I could have spent the $97 it cost (at the time) on a lot of other areas of my life.

None-the-less, the opportunity to purchase (be one of the few early adopters) was something I didn’t want to pass up because I do believe in the power of social media … and I spend a lot of time on Facebook these days.   I figured why not finally turn my addiction into profit ?

I also have four different Facebook groups I’m the main admin which need to be renovated.

Yet for this self study program I’m going to concentrate on the ONE facebook group and then apply what I learn to the others.

That’s my plan.

Mark has in big blue writing:

Facebook Business Pages are DEAD. Unlock the secrets to launching YOUR six figure Facebook Group IMMEDIATELY.

Whilst I don’t agree with that Facebook Pages are dead… I do “get” where he is coming from as I’ve been involved in social media management of my own pages and groups (and of course through being a ‘liker’ of other pages and a ‘member’ of other groups)….   the organic reach of pages is becoming less and less as Facebook pushes people who have pages (usually business people) to pay to ‘reach’ their likers.   It’s becoming harder and harder to have high engagement on post within Pages.   This is where they are dying.  They’re far from dead as I know (and have) pages that are still quite active.  Just less active than most FB groups.

Groups are where people are gathering online in Facebook-land.

Groups are where there is the most activity consistently.

Yet like anything … there are some really awesome groups… and there are some really awful groups (full of spam!).

The groups I have currently fall in-between … the ones that are neither good or bad because they’re just “there”… nothing really happening.

NOW I have a way to make them “happening”…   I have a way to leverage Facebook that won’t cost me anything except my time.

And let’s be honest… I’m addicted enough that I’m on there anyway… so why not use this productively ?

Another more personal reason is that for years I have struggled with finding my tribe online….  you don’t have to go through this blog too much to see how I’ve been kicked out of various FB (facebook) groups due to them being a mis-match.

There are five modules in total in this self-study course.

I’m currently going through Module 1 which has Six Catalysts.

Catalyst One: The Easy Guide To Setting Up Your Facebook Group

Even though I can “set up” a Facebook page or group with my eyes closed … I still listened.  There is nuggets of gold in each of the videos that you DO want to listen to them even if you think you do not need to do so.

Catalyst Two: The Importance Of Choosing A Name

This is the one I was stumped on for awhile.

Using my case study group which is aimed at business people who own a pet … yes that broad… there is method in being so broad… I put some names “out there” for people to vote upon.   All the people kept voting on the same name… and I put the vote out there a few times at different times and days. Thus:

Pet Lovin’  Entrepreneurs (Business Networking, Strategy, Collaboration)

THE facebook group for passionate pet people in business !

Catalyst Three: Deciding On Daily Themes

Thanks to a moment of inspiration whilst thinking about all this a little while back I made a note in the “notes” of my iPhone of all the possible daily themes. I then put out a group message (which you can do as admin of a group however recommend to only do it rarely) to direct everyone to “vote” on the daily themes.  I also put a expiry time limit on the voting to encourage people to visit the group (hehehe see what I did there?).   In the end, my flash of inspiration was “on the money” (as such)… and everyone agreed to them 🙂

So I changed the relevant file in the group to reflect the new daily themes.

Not yet time to implement them.

Catalyst Four: The Professional Look

This is the one where I became stumped. Naturally I posted something to Mark.

Catalyst Four in re the banner… you say we need to have the name of our brand behind the group… I’m unsure what you mean by “name of our brand” ? Can I use my “Mosaic-al Entrepreneur” branding (which is my over-all branding)? Or should I use my social media management and training brand (as I want to incorporate my love to teach social media in the group)? or even the fact I’m the founder of Network of Professional Pet Carers (so as I can ultimately be the go-to coach for pet carers) ?

You also say to “add authority” … I’m a little stumped on how specifically I personally would do this… ? I’ve had no media exposure, i do not have academic qualifications…. i do have a shit-tonne of experience …. ?

My question had a random side effect of helping me clarify the reason why I created the group:

…ultimately it is about finding the common link and the big Y behind the multiple passions which I did (at the start of this year)… and knowing how to then operate so as they can co-exist (as I have found many people in just the industry of pet-service based businesses usually have multiple passions not just pets/animals).

So I will be using my Mosaic-al Entrepreneur branding however keeping it simple by going with calling myself a “multi passionate” entrepreneur.  It’s the truth.  Goodness, look at this blog !  I’m involved with TLC (network marketing) so health is a passion.  I’m involved with Lady Vee (“StripperLike Confidence”) thus sexuality and sensuality is a passion especially in regards to couples and women specifically.   I’m involved in working with pets … thus pets are my passion.  I have many passions.  I’m also learning finally how to craft them all together to co-exist. That’s the problem with multiple passions…  they can sometimes overwhelm you because you don’t know which way is left.  I know. I’ve been there.  I’m learning how to have them co-exist.

Also, how do I add authority ?  I may only have it via my Lady Vee brand however I do have publicity. I also have my shit-tonne of experience to assist.

This is also the first catalyst where you will have to outlay some money unless you’re lucky enough to know someone who can do a professional banner for your group for free.   I do not so I will go with the recommended person Mark has mentioned.






…… and this is where this blog post will end for now.


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