Meerkat, Periscope, NomadCast, Seesmic,

There is literally only one of the above that I have not “given a go” because I honestly don’t see the point.   Guess which one …

Whilst you try to figure that out . . . for those who know their internet history with live video streaming you’ll recognise the last two ! 🙂

I mention them because I was active with both when they were popular 🙂 to the point that I was given a Seesmic T-Shirt ! 🙂  Or I think I won it ? I don’t remember! (It was a long! time ago…) All I know is that I was “the Aussie chick” on both … and seemed to be the only or one of the few chicks at the time experimenting with online streaming video.

Back then, live video streaming was still an idea .. and smartphones were not even a thought (or they might’ve been however they didn’t exist!!).

The point of me mentioning both of them ?  It wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed that I had naturally gravitated towards live video streaming recently as well as overall with my internet use.  That I was quite active on both as I really enjoyed live video streaming.

So .. this is where I answer the question at the start: Meerkat.

Meerkat is the only live video streaming app or what-have-you that I have not tested as yet. To be honest, I don’t see the point and I see it going the same way as  because of the pure fact that it’s direct competitor (in my opinion) is Periscope.

( Just as a side note: I’m aware of BLAB.IM as well however have not participated in it nor used it.  I will eventually learn it a bit more too so “stay tuned”! )

And anyone who has been keeping up2date will know (and for those who do not): Periscope was ‘bought’ by Twitter.  Thus guess which app between Periscope and Meerkat will be around for awhile ?  Yeh. I’m hedging my bets with Periscope.

If you go over to my FREE STUFF section you can “katch” all my previous ‘scopes (a ‘scope is a replay (video) of an old Periscope live stream).  I don’t purport to be an expert. I’m just someone who loves live streaming video 🙂 and of course having an audience (and stage) …. and of course to chat. Oh boy do I talk ! 😀

Now.. what has NomadCast got to do with this blog post ?  Only that I am extremely new to it.

I’m still going to hedge my bets on Periscope and will invest in learning the medium however I am loving the potential also for Nomadcast.

I will plan to do follow up blogs with some Periscope 101 – How To Get Started, Hints, Tips and so forth.

I’ll also do the same when I am more familiar with it for Nomadcast (do How To etc blog post) because I really love the potential for it (considering I’m an “Apple Girl” I have no issues as a user – I have an iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro) and adore it’s integration into Facebook 🙂  which Periscope doesn’t do currently.

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