#MeetNGreet – Sharing My Story: Success x 2 + 2 Necessary Distractions

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This status is just a friendly reminder to a lot of people that when I decide to pursue something nothing stops me and I will stick to it thru trials and tribulations….
And ultimately due to that… make a ‘success’ (what that means for me personally) of whatever it is I’m pursuing (as I’ve had a few people concerned or ‘groan’ that I’m going off on a tangent again).
SUCCESS #1: I worked in the adult entertainment space since “Sept 11” (yes THAT Sept 11 was my first ever night as a stripper) until the moment I made the scary decision to pursue Gold Coast Pets fulltime…. I was one of the very few sober (yes, sober!) strippers… who could work without drugs or alcohol. Just that fact alone makes me successful to a lot of people… (lol!!) I “stuck” to it.. and stayed in the industry until 2007-2008.
By the way, I was also a “success” because thanks to the adult entertainment industry I learnt about entrepreneurship / business AND it helped release me from “The Dole” (and not go back).
SUCCESS #2: Gold Coast Pets … I commenced this business in 2007-2008 (whilst working as a stripper) … then took the scary leap into solely rely-ing upon it as my main income within 6 months… and within 3-4 years was being approached by people to consider franchising and/or licensing (when most other pet carers were selling their business!) because… get this… I had reached a level where I was a “business owner”. I had systems, processes and people in place so that when I took a week off and didn’t have any contact with my business in that week…. it functioned without me perfectly.
I had a lot of trials and tribulations … blood, sweat and tears… to get it to that point within 3-4 years… I remember saying to myself “I want to dominate the Gold Coast” (lol!!) … and if I had kept going… I would’ve… the only reason I stopped and changed…
I listened to my soul. It wasn’t what I *really* wanted. It was ultimately what other people wanted which I had convinced myself I wanted.
I always started my pet care business with the sole intention to work hands-on with both pets and people. I had lost that connection when people (and the pets) just became dollars, names and pictures.
Then came necessary distraction #1: Lady Vee : StripperLike Confidence. I say necessary as this came about thanks to me finally also “coming out” about my past as an adult entertainer. It also allowed me to re-connect with that side of myself I had lost in my pursuit of “success” for Gold Coast Pets. It gave me back some balance … it gave me my sexy back 😉
…followed by necessary distraction #2: Vanessa – Tribe Connector
as THIS one allowed me to start to connect more globally with people… to really delve into “being me” online…
What does the future hold now ?
Work in the “death” space as an end of life doula or “Friend Of The Dying” specifically around people with elderly pets… is something I’ve been called to do. It’s something that the Universe has been calling me out to do for awhile…
My whole life has prepared me to work in this space… I have never found death taboo. I have always had a special understanding of it since I was a tween/teen. I have very deep compassion and empathy for pet parents of elderly / senior / special needs pets. I have compassion for pet carers and those that work in this space as I totally “get” how much we too grieve at the loss of a pet.
I have some big plans for what I would like to come to fruition… yet I need to start somewhere.
First. I need to look after me. I need to re-connect to my pet care business which has been suffering from neglect the last 2-3 years…
From there… I plan to introduce “friend of the dying” aka “death doula” type of service … eventually opening my own pet transition centre (not a crematorium … a “sacred space” as such for people and their elderly and special needs pets) … eventually also branching out into creating a “retirement home” for elderly / special needs pets… part specialist veterinary service focusing upon palliative, hospice and special needs + part “retirement village” (which will incorporate a “senior & special needs pet friendly” holiday accommodation)
The above won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take me the rest of my life 😉
This is how I want to live out the rest of my own life… working with senior and special needs pets and their people… <3
Believe me. This is it. No more distractions. This is what each previous step and mis-step has been building up for me to pursue.
Thus if you don’t believe me and think I won’t still be doing this a year, 3 or 10 years later. That’s okay. That’s your opinion and I’ll be happy to prove you wrong 😉 😛 because I’m incredibly cheeky.

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