Millionaires’ Top 10 Success Factors – My Reply

I recently read a blog post by another Network Marketer….   I didn’t want to take away from the content of the blog as it is a really great blog post so I decided to create a separate post to “give my opinion”.

1. Being honest with all people

There’s only one problem with this one… I have yet to meet a person that is 100% completely honest. There is honest and then there is having integrity.  We have all been there… “what the person doesn’t know won’t hurt them”.. and it’s true!  I’ve had situations in my lifetime where I did “come out” with the truth and the truth hurt a lot more than “living the lie”. Some people like believing the lie even if they know it is a lie.  Generally speaking, I agree and do strive to do this with all my businesses (hence the reason for this blog) however it’s impossible for anyone to be honest 100% of the time.  IMO, it’s a good “ideal” to strive towards.

Am I honest with my Network Marketing business ? Yes. I started this blog so things could be more “transparent”.   The honesty “success factor” is one of the reasons I left previous Network Marketing companies:  I was having bad side effects with the products thus I couldn’t sell something like it, another had skeletons in its closet that really tarnished its overall image with me and the last one I left was because of all the bad press and misconceptions surrounding its name.   Unfortunately, due to all the bad press and huge misconceptions no one is ever up-front about the company when they do presentations.  They’re vague. Whilst not lying … I feel it is lying by omission.  As much as their products are really great, I just couldn’t get behind a “business opportunity” where I had to “hide” the name as such.

Here with Xocai as well as my other Network Marketing business of Send Out Cards (however I’m more a customer of it)… I can proudly stand behind BOTH companies. I will mention them.

2. Being well disciplined

Well this is a given. Lazy people get no where 🙂  I have to admit tho’ I can sometimes be easily distracted especially when I’m on the internet and/or have the TV playing in the background. Yet ultimately if I need to get something done I will do it. I’m just not perfect in being well disciplined all the time.

3. Getting along with people

I’ve always held the belief that it is impossible to get along with everyone.  Instead, be courteous and humble.  Be of assistance and a source of help not a hinderance. The motto of the ask Ernie business league (which I’m a member) is “Sharing Creates Plenty” … so instead of trying to get along with everyone (or trying to have everyone like you)…  share, give.

4. Having a supportive spouse

Whilst I personally am very single (yes I am looking! LOL!!)… I totally understand how someone negative be it a spouse or business partner or whomever is close to you can be devastating. I’ve been there. Got the T-Shirt.

5. Working harder than most people

Hmm… this is a double edged sword in my opinion and needs more clarification.  It’s great to “work harder than most people” however not at the hinderance of your quality of life.  Without the balance you will burn out no matter what you are doing and no matter how much passion you have for it.  What’s the old saying ?  “All work and no play makes Sam a dull man”… well it’s true. If all you can talk about is work because all you do is work … I feel pity for you.  Work hard however also make sure you do so in moderation.

6. Loving my career/business

This goes without saying however it’s amazing how many people out there will do what is expected of them compared to what they “love”. It’s awesome if what is expected of the person also links perfectly with what they “love” to do however not often.  I have to admit I’m lucky in that in my other business I am doing something I love.  Network marketing is also a passion of mine because I understand it. I love its potential to change lives in ways that traditional business (even something like my pet sitting business) cannot due to its limitations.

I’ve experienced how the Universe just rewards you and keeps opening up opportunities and prosperity to those who are “on the right path” (nothing religious – it’s all about doing what you love).

Oh.. and yes it is PERFECTLY OKAY if what you “love” today is not what you “love” 5 years from now… if your passion has moved on… move with it.

This one is a biggie thus the reason why I’ve highlighted it.

Do you know how many people out there are miserable in their jobs?

Even some of the ones that look like they’ve got it all together?

I personally know doctors and attorneys, who can’t stand what they do.

From the outside it seems like they’ve got it all.

A great career, nice income, big home, cars, etc….

But when you have to wake up every single day and do something you don’t enjoy, is that worth it?

Yet the cream of the crop of our society put that as one of the top factors contributing to their success.

— Vitaly Grinblat

7. Having strong leadership qualities

One thing I have learnt being in business for myself as well as being “in” the Network Marketing “industry” is that not everyone is a born leader. It’s the old employer/employee situation. Some people may think they would make great employers (business owners) however ultimately they’re an employee.  It’s okay if you are one of those people whom would rather be an employee. Take it from someone who is an employer, being a great employee is nothing to be sneezed at or be ashamed about !

At the same time, it’s okay if you tried to be your own boss (in any capacity) and it didn’t work out because ultimately you’d prefer to be an employee or work for someone else.  That’s the beauty of Network Marketing…  it allows those who are natural leaders to shine whilst also helping those who are more into “being told what to do and how to do it” (employees).  All the Network Marketing companies I’ve been exposed to have all had “plans”…  a “step by step” formula.

8. Having a very competitive spirit/personality

This is my least favourite “success factor” because it’s a very “us” versus “them” or  “me” versus “everyone” mentality. I’m a more team orientated person. Due to my Network of Professional Pet Carers (business project) I’ve been able to meet a LOT of other pet carers both within my local area and outside of it.  I’ve learnt that there really IS no competition.  I refer to them as my colleagues. No two people “run” their business the same way even within Network Marketing. Goodness, I’m proof I’m not “doing it” like my mentor. I’m playing to my strength which is blogging and relationship marketing as such.

9. Being very well organized

Well this is a given. Tell me of one “hoarder” or something who seems “scatter brained” that is successful ?

10. Having an ability to sell my ideas/products

When it comes to actual skills…

… NOTHING is more important than your ability to sell your ideas to others.

Think about the people in your life.

Do you know people who are full of integrity, love what they do, work harder than most, get along with others…

… yet they’re struggling financially?

Chances are, they’re either lacking the fire in their belly (don’t have the competitive nature) or they don’t know how to sell.


But selling that’s a whole different issue.

Your ability to sell and persuade others to your way of thinking will greatly impact EVERYTHING in your life.

Your financial status, your relationships with others, and ultimately your quality of life.

Those that possess the ability to influence others, simply get MORE out of life.

But the problem most people face is this attitude that influencing is manipulation…


— Vitaly Grinblat

I have to agree with Vitaly on developing the skill of selling.   Whenever I see a Network Marketing “opportunity” that says “NO SELLING REQUIRED” ..  I run the other direction.  Could they be any further from the truth ?!   Think about it.

Prostitution is NOT the worlds oldest profession because what is the one skill .. the one thing.. that prostitutes do?


Thus sales and selling is the oldest profession in the world yet most people run for the hills when they think “OMG! I have to sell!” They’re scared of the word SALES and SELLING for whatever silly reason… and it IS silly because we all do voluntarily everyday in all types of situations.


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