Millionaires’ Top 10 Success Factors

I’ve copied and pasted a snipped of the full blog article by Vitaly Grinblat below because I feel it’s important for anyone in any business.  You can read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the link at the bottom.  

by Vitaly Grinblat

Cover of "The Millionaire Mind"
Cover of The Millionaire Mind

Dr. Stanley, author of the best-seller “The Millionaire Next Door”, spent years studying and researching the wealthiest segment of our population.

In his 2nd book “The Millionaire Mind”, he uncovers a lot of the “secret” thought processes, attitudes, habits, and much more that the affluent have in common.

And I’ve always told people that success leaves clues.

If you want to be successful in ANYTHING, then find someone who is, find out what they did to get there and… COPY THEM!

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So after years of research and actually interviewing a large number of them, here’s the list of…


Millionaires’ Top 10 Success Factors

1. Being honest with all people
2. Being well disciplined
3. Getting along with people
4. Having a supportive spouse
5. Working harder than most people
6. Loving my career/business
7. Having strong leadership qualities
8. Having a very competitive spirit/personality
9. Being very well organized
10. Having an ability to sell my ideas/products

Now isn’t that a cold slap in the face of almost everything you see and hear on TV about the lives of “rich and famous”.

Interesting how the top ones are all about having integrity, moral values and a great work ethic.

Those are the foundation of success.


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