Misogyny, Consent, Violence against women… Jim C. Hines “speak it brutha!” #YesAllWomen

BEFORE YOU SAY “Not all men…”

Read this status update:

Not All Men

Re-read it before you make a comment……

Then click here to read all the comments from women in support of this man’s status update (as well as from the man himself who (if you read the comments) worked doing outreach and education TO men about violence against women so he does know what he is speaking about)…

I’m so happy a man “gets it” 🙂 and thus because he is a man (and this is an unfortunate side effect and further displays the fact that misogyny is something women deal with since birth)… all the other might actually listen instead of pretending the women who say the same thing are just angry feminists or whatever negative language you want to use against all the women who are sharing their stories… who are allowing themselves to be heard…

Teach your sons this… teach your sons to listen.  Teach your sons to pay attention.  Teach your sons that misogyny is real and they need to speak up against it too.  To support other women who have experienced misogyny and put their ego to the side when they do because the best thing they can do is allow the women to be heard. To give them that safe space. To understand consent. To respect consent.


(edit-ed to add the following)

This comment is the reason for my comment above about how it is unfortunate that it takes a man to speak out for us – this (read the comment below) happens to a lot of women.  As you can see, I personally am not afraid.   I’m happy that I will speak out and am happy to take any backlash as I’m not going to let fear rule me.  One of my values is courage. I will speak out because it is courageous and this me being authentic … and because a lot (not all women – a lot) of us do deal with misogyny in some guise every. single. day. of our lives.



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