Modulates Inflammatory Mechanism (my personal testimonial – Xocai Chocolate works!)

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One of the many benefits touted to consuming Xocai Healhty is that “The polyphenols in cocoa and açai have been shown to support healthy inflammation function in the body.”  …. what this basically means is that if you lead an active lifestyle consuming this chocolate will ensure you experience less joint pain, stiffness, soreness etc allowing to keep enjoying that active lifestyle.

I’ve already posted previously that another benefit I’m experiencing is improved sleep.  I’m happy to say that this continues to be a huge benefit of my (over) consumption…. yet recently I got to test out how well this chocolate really is for those who are active.

For those who are not aware, my main income right now whilst I build this business is as a Professional Pet Carer.  This means through my business Gold Coast Pets I offer pet sitting visits to your home, dog walking and overnight live in pet/house sitting (which includes dog walking).

Lately, the dog walking side due to a client needing twice a day walks every day instead of once a day 3 days a week increased. On top of that my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday client and another client or two popping up… AND the overnight live in pet/house sitting client (French Bulldog pup so it needs walks to let off its puppy energy).

To be honest, I’m not what you would call fit. Even with all that dog walking … I’m not a naturally active person. I don’t go to the gym, or pursue any other active type of activities.   Thus my normal activity level shot through the roof temporarily.

Was I sore ?  Yes. The chocolate won’t be like panadol or similar.  You’ll still be sore however what I found is that I was able to get through this major increase in activity level easier.  My body recovered easier. I wasn’t AS SORE as I probably could’ve or would’ve been if I had not been consuming the chocolate.

So… for those who lead active lifestyles or find themselves doing a lot of physical work as part of their income…  EAT XOCAI CHOCOLATE.    I didn’t have to touch any pain killers. None.  I probably would’ve had a panadol or three if I wasn’t consuming this chocolate.



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