#MoneyTea Challenge

The #MoneyTeaChallenge is designed to help people loose weight, improve their sleep or increase their vitality.

The tea is organic with (safe, natural, edible) herbs to assist with cleansing our bodies to help you loose up to 3-4kgs in 5 days or at least improve your wellbeing.

With the option to also make money (purely optional).

Does this sound like it would be a match ?

Yes ?

Just FYI, it has no taste as the joke is you have to add taste hahahaha

I personally am using it (and have been since December 2014) consistently.

Wanna give it a go ? Yes ?

The investment is $40USD + postage which should last you a month.

( Or approach me to order one week’s supply for $20AUD in person or with postage (extra cost) within Australia )


CLICK (your country) in the drop down menu list then SHOP NOW.




For the curious, here is a list of all the herbs used in Iaso Tea (click here)

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