My Doppelganger ? I share a similar story (and hope to do so!)

I’m reading the stories of some of the people (granted, all of them in the USA currently mainly because Xocai is still quite new to Australia) that are making a success in some capacity of this Xocai opportunity.

This following story caught my eye for many reasons:   she dislikes chocolate, had tried network marketing before and had many reasons to never ever do it again,  and was running a successful business already (in real estate).

CLICK HERE to read Joyce’s story

Some of the highlights that I liked:

  • …Along the way there were lots of reasons for me to stop, but I didn’t !
  • …I was working two full time jobs.  The irony… was my chocolate business was subsiding my now real estate “hobby”.
  • …My real estate fees, dues, marketing etc. were averaging close to $1,500 per month


The last one above is a reality that I’m currently facing… the joy of growing a traditional business is that you grow it and the costs grow too. In order to make my first income into a residual passive income, it will need a lot of monetary investment still before it can reach that point.  The huge difference is that I pay out the invoices my sub-contractors (those “under me” so even my own “traditional” business is very similar) submit… and I am left feeling like they won and I didn’t as such.  Yes, I ultimately keep all the profits however those profits are becoming eaten up thru marketing and other expenses associated with trying to build the business.

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