My first ever delivery !

Wow… it was like Christmas for this chocoholic !  6 boxes of chocolate goodness arrived today…  they were packed really well.  Nothing was spoilt in the transportation process – impressive!! The next time I get my next delivery I promise to do an “un-boxing” video so as you can see how well packed it all has been.  You could say that I got some free gel packs as part of the order which I can re-use (they’re in my freezer).

Up until today, I had only tasted two of the products so the excitement was being able to try more products. My aim is to decide which one or two products I would like as part of my “autoship” (automatic shipment) each month because every 3 months … I get an extra of whichever product(s) I’ve ordered (as part of the loyalty program).

These are my honest opinions from someone who is a virgin to the Xocai brand (if they don’t taste good I’ll say so)….

XoBiotic Squares

I’m calling this my Yakult….  this is dark chocolate thus for those who prefer diary chocolate may not like this product.  Yet, if you (are like me) can’t really ‘like’ or ‘get into’ the taste of Yakult or buy probiotic tablets etc …. this is perfect !  No bad after taste. I don’t really have anything bad to report about this chocolate.  It was delicious.

Xocai Omega Squares

I had already been given a sample of this by Lori (my now mentor and who’s TEAM I’m a member – best decision ever!).  Today just reminded me that besides being a delicious jaffa (choc-orange) flavour it does have Omega 3 in it.   This is my “fish oil” tablet in chocolate form…

Xocai Nuggets

This was one of the boxes of chocolate I was looking forward to trying as I had heard about that they would be “fudge” like… Firstly, I love how they are presented wrapped in the gold wrap.  The presentation made me think of luxury chocolate like Ferrero Rocher….. unlike them however this chocolate is REALLY GOOD FOR YOU !  I’m going to have to try a nugget that is a little “melted” – not so well refrigerated (basically have it at room temperature).  The reason is that refrigerated it felt a bit hard to bite into and I felt like I didn’t get the full effect of the ‘fudge’ aspect of the chocolate.  It’s also very rich (even for my taste buds!).  I would probably only be able to have one of these once a day or every 2nd day.

Xocai Peanut Butter Cups

These are not as healthy as the other products – please be aware of this fact when consuming this product.  This is the “treat” end of the scale for all the products and one that anyone who likes dairy chocolate will enjoy.  Naturally, people with peanut and soy allergies won’t be able to enjoy this product.  Yes, it is also one of the most expensive products available too if you take the per “cup” cost into account.

Whilst I absolutely enjoyed these peanut butter cups (omg heaven!!)…. it is the least healthy option of all them.  The great thing about the autoship and the loyalty program is that I might opt to have this one every 3 months due to being given an extra box “for free” (only the cost of shipping/handling).

I do have to wonder if I could do just as well with some organic peanut butter spread on any of the squares as a treat ?

I won’t be able to give you my opinion of the Xocai Activ until tomorrow as the instructions says to make it up and leave it overnight.

The other product — Xoçai™ High-Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shake I personally won’t ever be endorsing.  Not only for the fact that I personally do not have any idea about weight loss (as I actually need to gain weight) …. it does contain Sucralose Powder… and there are lots of people who are allergic to this artificial sweetener not to mention there have been reports about its toxicity.

Whilst I’m a huge absolute fan of the Xocai chocolate I’m not a blind believer and will be honest.

I would’ve preferred the meal replacement shake contain the cane sugar that the chocolates contain.  That’s more natural and is ‘better’ than sucralose, in my humble opinion.

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