My first EVER Toastmasters Meeting as an official member

…. and they assigned me the role of TIME KEEPER !

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that this is kind of hilarious 🙂 as I do have time management issues at times.

At first I was really nervous as I had absolutely NO IDEA what the hell I was doing however with the great support of the members by the time I did my second report as Timer … I had it 🙂

I also organised a date for my Icebreaker speech.  The Icebreaker speech is the first ever speech that a member of Toastmasters will deliver.  You do NOT have to do this within a set time-frame as some members have taken months before they did it.  Yet I didn’t join Toastmasters to sit on my ass. I joined Toastmasters for the specific goal of “breaking eggs” whilst improving my skills and ability as a speaker.

It’s the perfect environment as it is structured whilst also fun and very supportive.

Thus I’ve jumped in and put my hand up to deliver my Icebreaker speech at the next meeting.

Am I nervous ? Yes !  As much as I’ve done a lot of stuff on stage and public speaking isn’t exactly ‘new’ to me …. I have a tendency to talk fast when I’m nervous.   It is this talking fast and dealing with the inevitable nerves that I’m hoping to overcome with Toastmasters.  I’m also hoping to learn the skills of being an awesome public speaker (as well as developing the skill to “think on my feet” and to come up with great speeches!).

Overall how was my first meeting as an official Toastmasters member ?  GREAT !   I was stretched outside my comfort zone by being put in a role that I honestly thought would be more for experienced members.


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