My first Xocai “Event” on the Gold Coast !

You know what I loved best about this event compared to every other network marketing “presentation” type of event I’ve attended – it was intimate.  It was small.  It suited me to a tea.  I personally feel at ease in small group settings versus large rooms with 20 or 100 or 500 people.

……….. AND IT HAD FREE CHOCOLATE !!  No one else gives you free samples of their product willingly no pressure.

From my experience, network marketing is also known as referral marketing.  Believe it or not, I actually do this quite a lot for my main business – Gold Coast Pet Sitting – so I’m not intimidated by “network marketing”. Tho’ I’m smart and will do my due diligence.

I’ve also learnt that direct sales is slightly different yet similar.  Direct sales is what Xocai is more about than network marketing because everyone is a customer and it is ultimately about the chocolate (selling the product without selling it – no hard sales tactics!!).  In the end, even the “preferred” (aka “membership”) customers are distributors so they (as a company) are not that fussed if you stay a customer or want to “build your own business”.

Regardless, there is an old marketing adage that is used over and over and over everywhere…. “People will only buy from those they know, like and trust.”

This is easier for people to do in a small group in my opinion — to get to know you, thus like you and trust you enough to become part of the wonderful world of Xocai (this company is about the customers so ultimately everyone who “joins” is a customer). Or at least get to know one of the other team members especially the presenter (so they can “like” the person and trust the person enough to buy).

When I went to this event, due to the intimate nature, they also could see how they can best help the other person (which sample did you like best and so forth).  In order to do that they need to know the other person which I have found (personally) to be hard to do in a big group setting. Some people fade into the background because of the louder or more assertive personalities in the group dynamic….. this is even more so in larger group settings.

What about the FREE Chocolate you ask ?  It was there and yes it WAS free (no purchase or donation required).  Everyone got to taste three different chocolates.

Which three you ask ?

Come along to the next event to find out ! (hahahaha)


If you come along to the next event, I can tell you a bit more about my story and how I came to be a customer as well.  Ultimately, that’s what I see myself as in this … a wholesale customer because I buy for my own personal consumption, to share with my main business clients as well as a nice way to network with people.  I never “sell” the chocolates because I honestly feel they sell themselves.  If you’re interested, awesome. If not, so be it.

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