My G.A.I.N.S – Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, Skills

Wondering how I can be of service to you ?  Here is my complete GAINS 🙂

please note I’m in the process of updating this list – this notice will be removed once I have !


My ultimate goal is to make a difference in peoples’ lives.. so that when my obituary is written this is the over-riding theme.

My 100 Dreams List

Send Out Cards –

My initial SOC Goals are to find one ACTIVE Distributor and two subscription customers (Retail or Preferred).

Gold Coast Pet Sitting –

To be a highly profitable pet care business on the Gold Coast. (My ultimate goal is for it to be a passive income source.) To offer premiere live in house sitting services which is more an experience than a service.  To come up with a highly exclusive membership club for Gold Coast Pet Parents where they receive exclusive offers and packages only for them.

The Network of Professional Pet Carers QLD –

To be able to finally monetize it as well as have enough time to work upon it so I can find more people whom would be willing to work on this business with me (volunteer).


Keeping Gold Coast Pet Sitting doors open even during some of my most tumultuous times…  I’ve been full time for my Pet Sitting business in a competitive marketplace for 3+ years.  This in and of itself is an accomplishment.

Founding the Network of Professional Pet Carers as no one else locally had bothered to form something (a referral network specifically for pet sitters, dog walkers and pet minders/boarders).


Dog Psychology, Cat Psychology, Animal Care, Animal Rights (without being over-board), Astrology (yet not in-depth), Spirituality, Technology, Social Media, SEO, Capoeira, (Hula) Hoop Dancing, Belly Dancing, Burlesque, Adult Industry — is that diverse enough for you ? 😀


I’m an active member of the Ask Ernie Business League here on the Gold Coast.

I’m an active member of The Style Network here on the Gold Coast (as well as Foundation Member for the Gold Coast chapter).

I founded the Network of  Professional Pet Carers QLD

I’m a life-long member of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE)

Actively part of the Queensland Business Facebook group

Administrator of the Dog Friendly Society – Gold Coast Facebook page (and involved with Dog Friendly Society Australia when needed)

Was a member of the now not active (defunct?) Glamour Pussess Network

Started (however currently on hiatus) a “Quickie Lunch” – one hour intimate (small group) lunch time networking for time poor business people on the Coast

Co-Host to Gold Coast Speed Networking

Former (and first) Lost Pet Co-Ordinator for the Gold Coast region — Queensland Lost Pet Register


Pet First Aid


Basic dog training

Basic – Intermediate Social Media Marketing


Basic cat psychology

Able to learn programs/software rather quickly

High level procrastination (hehehehe)

and various other skills.

Seriously, just ask me if I have the skill and I’ll reply yes/no/learning.

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