My LinkedIN Adventure : Day Zero

Day Zero

I call today Day Zero because of the fact I’m still at the LinkedIn workshop run by John Bellamy learning 🙂

My plan is to use myself as a crash test dummy (for want of a better term) to test and measure the process we’re being taught to see what results a “humble” pet sitter such as myself (and thus someone with a business that aims at “consumers” not “business people” traditionally) can actually USE this platform to “get more clients” … “increase cash” … and especially the type of clients I will attract (might be higher quality/dollar value and have longer “client life-span” ?)…

Why am I doing this ?  Because I care.  Seriously.  This is ultimately for the pets themselves and everything I do is always for the pets.

Be it my own pets (and they will benefit through me being able to provide them quality care)…. or other peoples’ pets in whatever capacity.

The above image says it all for me. I won’t apologise that I am on LinkedIn to “make money”. That I’m on LinkedIn to “monetise the platform”. I won’t apologise that ultimately I plan to also see if this process can be applied to other pet carers across the Globe (and will create free and paid services from this learning).

To assist the pets… I need to assist the people… especially other pet carers to have satisfy-ing (successful) businesses .. it’s a “ripple effect” 🙂

So far I’ve re-hauled my whole LinkedIn profile to reflect me as a house and pet sitter – from the background image to the headline to the summary to what I’ve included in experience etc etc.

Now I’m working on “the process” 😉

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