My LinkedIN Adventure Report #1

Nederlands: Linked In icon
Nederlands: Linked In icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the days and weeks since the event I’ve been implementing the process as well as tweaking it.

So far I’ve been testing my “opening question” to start the conversation…

I’m curious to know, what’s your preference:  dogs or cats ?

Which so far has resulted in some interesting conversations !  It’s also allowing me to know quickly who IS an actual pet “parent” and who may live vicariously through other people 😉

I’ve also been using this when congratulating people:

Congrats !  What’s happening in your world ? I’m curious to know, what’s your preference:  dogs or cats ?

And of course when I accept connection requests AND have sent any.

I’ve also been sending a quick message to those whom have shown up as “having viewed my profile” (as I’m on the free version of LinkedIN I can only see the first 5 people and there are a few “anonymous” viewers).

Has it resulted in any extra work ?  Unfortunately, no.  Yet then again I have not been targeting people within my area at the moment.

I’m also testing/tweaking my follow up question after I’ve started the conversation.

So far I’m tossing between:

Tell me a story of your pet/s in 5 words. 


I’m curious, .. what’s your greatest challenge **** right now, or the area you would like to improve upon most?

with *** being where I insert with your kitten/dog/cat/name of pet.

The one BIG thing this whole process is assisting me to do is organise my LinkedIN network of contacts 🙂  through the use of the TAGS feature.

oh… did I mention a friend ‘gift-ed’ me a domain URL so as it makes it easier for me to refer people to my LinkedIN profile ?  Yeah:

click here to connect with me on LinkedIn )

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