NAKED CONFIDENCE – Do you have it ?

… and I totally get it that most women (esp. around my age – I’m nearly 40) don’t have the same confidence with their naked bare bodies as I do.
I was able to free myself from the prison of my mind around my body back in my 20s when I was in an industry that thrives on the objectification of women: adult entertainment and “glamour” modelling.
It wasn’t easy. I *nearly* succumbed to getting a boob job (breast enhancement) at one point (plenty of women did).
Then when I started to discover my (bi)sexuality for the first time … My perception of my own body and that of other women changed.
Thanks to 7-8 years in the industry that’s a *lot* of naked women of different ages from 18yos to ladies who were well into their 30s … wow. The naked female form is magnificent.
Yes, even the ones with scars, flabby-ness, “bigger” ladies or what-have-you. There were a lot of imperfect strippers more than those who are perceived as perfect (and even then it was a bit of “smoke and mirrors” happening with fake tan, make-up, the way you move your body, etc).
Because you know what really mattered in the end ?
What guys in the strip clubs were drawn to the most ?
What I found most attractive and memorable ?
If you can stand in front of a mirror and smile without shame/self-loathing/self-criticism – I want to give you applause because *that* is actually not that common
As my experience with Beck Joan & her project The Tunnel Vision (Internationally acclaimed Nude Art photographer) this morning allowed me to experience.
Not surprising to those who really know me … I was the last woman to dress herself after being naked for hours this morning.
(And since we had all been bare naked since like 6-something am .. it was a bit chilly .. by the time 8-am-whatever rolled around the sun was awake.)
To be honest, I was really enjoying having the morning sun on my skin as I find it pleasurable and revitalising.
I wasn’t thinking “what if someone sees me” (tho’ it was a pretty private location) ..
I wasn’t thinking anything to be honest as I was enjoying connecting (even just in presence) with all the other women at the shoot.
I also had a fantastic time as it was …
believe it or not
my first ever GROUP art nude type of photo shoot
I’d been photographed solo all of my “glamour modelling career” in my 20s.
I didn’t even know I had this sort of experience on my “bucket list” until now.
I’m glad Universe gift-ed me this experience.
My hope is that I was able to ‘gift’ the other women my ability to show and shine …
Being naked is fun.
Being naked is free-ing.
Being naked is pleasure.

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