Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than her own belief that she is beautiful

That is what is written on my cover image at my Facebook page.

EVERYTHING I’m doing … this is the aim. I am also of similar mindset to a good friend of mine (she posted this status update on Sat 10 Aug):

Elizabeth's FB Status Update
… and this is the exact thing that turns men on.  This is the exact quality (a woman who owns herself – faults and all) that turned so many men on within the strip club.  This is what I am aiming for women who want to partake of anything I offer … they end up leaving with this feeling, this power, this ownership.

This is my purpose. This is my legacy.  A world full of women who love, appreciate and understand their worth 🙂

The question you’re obviously asking is … that is all fine and good but HOW … how do I get to the same point that Elizabeth speaks about in her status update … that point where you do take ownership of your body with all its imperfections ?  You might also be saying that it is easy for Elizabeth (who is in her late 20s) and myself (I’m in my mid 30s) to feel beautiful because we’re “spring chickens” as such …  Um.. nope.  This applies to any woman of any age. Seriously.

If you’re coming from this from how men view us – it isn’t always about sex with them.  They may think it is because that is how society raises our men IMO: to believe that everything is about sex for them.  It isn’t.  Not to mention, a lot of men have sexual dysfunctions or just can’t always or don’t always want to function.  Thus what do you do when it isn’t about sex however it is about sensuality – something that never goes out of style.  Something that only requires you to be alive ?  It doesn’t even require you to be naked.

So how do you get to this point.


It’s as simple as making the decision that you are good enough.  That your body will never be perfect.  There will always be flaws.  And if you ever come across someone (male or female) who cannot accept you for who you are – flaws and all – delete them from your life.  They’re toxic.

At the same time, and this isn’t hypercritical, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve what you already have however as long as you do that improvement from a place of strength.  You do it as a gift to yourself for yourself.  Never for career. Never to be more attractive to men (because men are really attracted to the intangible energy of a woman who accepts herself for who she is – not for the packaging). Never because society influences you to do so.  Never because someone says that it is about “aging gracefully”.  If you don’t want to age gracefully – so be it.  Who says you have to “age gracefully” ?

Be who YOU are. Whatever that is. THAT is sexy.  THAT is powerful. THAT is essence sensuality.

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