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Whenever you leave a broadcast ... Give HEARTS and Say "Bye" !
Whenever you leave a broadcast … Give HEARTS and Say “Bye” !


One of the downsides as a Periscope broadcaster for me is that I don’t “see” when people leave my broadcast. The only time sometimes I know they’ve left is because I get the notification they’ve re-joined. This next tip only applies when YOU are choosing to leave the broadcast.

Naturally, it doesn’t apply if your internet connection or the app drops you out as that isn’t something any of us can really control.

Even if you’re only staying online to say “hi” to your favourite broadcaster or to “check someone out” … say:

Gotta go. Thank you. Bye !

and before you “click out” … double tap the screen to give the broadcaster a few hearts.

Not one or two or three… Give them a steady stream of hearts for a count of 10 then leave.

By doing this, it shows you’re a generous person and the broadcaster will be inclined to follow you BACK and may drop by one of YOUR broadcasts to do the same 🙂

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