PostCron Review

As some are aware, I’m starting to invest more in my Facebook groups than my pages for marketing purposes.

There are a million and one ways for people to automate their posts to their profiles and pages however I have only found one way to do so for groups – effectively:  PostCron.

As I operate on the old belief that Facebook prefers you to use what they provide than what other people provide: I will still use the in-built pre-scheduling tool in all Facebook pages.

Yet this doesn’t apply when you want to pre-schedule posts to a Facebook group.

There isn’t a way to do so in groups that I have found to be easy and effective.

If you operate your group similar to the way taught in Mark B’s Six Figure Facebook Groups (where you have theme days) as well as if you’re running some sort of challenge or mastermind where your posts can be scheduled … PostCron is your answer.

It’s very simple to use & has a free option if you’re on a “shoe-string” budget (or want to give a try before you buy option).


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