Room Wanted

Garry (dog), Marnie (cat) and myself (human) looking to rent a room !


  • Max $300 per week all inclusive maximum budget

  • We are available to move anytime from 7-14 June

  • Unfurnished room only

  • Ensuite preferred however not essential totally okay with sharing a bathroom (as long as the person whom I’m sharing with has no pet allergies)

  • Must include electricity and water.

  • I’m prepared to pay 2 weeks rent up-front and keep the rent always 1 week ahead

  • Central – North Gold Coast suburb preferred though all suburbs are considered

  • Long term tenancy (looking to live somewhere for MANY years)

  • I would like the option of being able to invite a friend or two to ‘hang out’.  No parties.

  • No party house or environment – I cannot handle too noisy a home.

  • Must be a pet-friendly home – please ensure my dog and cat will NOT cause any issues for you !


Introducing Garry !

Garry is a 3yo (intact) male Tibalier ( click here for more info on his breed ).  Garry is kept outside during the day and preferably inside my room of a night. He is also well socialised with dogs of all sorts of breeds, sizes and personalities as well as people and kids.  He barks only when excited (usually excitement I create), when he plays with Marnie (not that often) and if someone is entering the yard (part of his breed is being a guard dog).  Outside of this, he’s a very calm quiet dog.  He comes with references from dog trainers to attest to his personality and temperament.

Introducing Marnie !

72514041L_2Marnie is a nearly 9yo domestic short hair female (desexed) Tuxedo cat.  I prefer to keep her inside if possible (and she will prefer to stay inside).  I will only let her out whenever I am home otherwise you need to be okay with an indoor cat.  She is toilet/litter trained, will keep to my room/under my bed and she comes with multiple scratching posts… and litter boxes… so your furniture is safe 🙂

Now introducing me … Vanessa !

10013770_770659129620220_1191422080_nI’m a 36yo entrepreneur / business owner.  I currently draw most of my income from Gold Coast Pets  (since 2007) whilst also operating a Body + Stage Confidence Coaching business (outside of my home).

I’m a never (non) smoker. I do enjoy a social drink however only if offered otherwise I am sober & drug free (except for Panadol! hahahaha).

I prefer to ‘hang out’ at home (watching movies on my laptop or reading a book or hanging out with my pets) versus a party.

I am single and not interested in dating thus won’t have any ‘strange men’ over anytime soon. I have a mix of male and female friends.

I’ve never missed a rental payment and would prefer to pay cash each week (easier than bank transfers which take too long sometimes).

I’m tidy. Please understand that I assist to keep the home respectable and tidy however am NOT a clean freak.   I will vacuum (at least) once a week. Previously, I had arrangements where my room-mate would do a big clean once a week which I would assist.  In other words, I will like to work out a cleaning schedule so as I know what is exactly expected of me.  I prefer to be told exactly what is expected of me instead of me having to guess.

I am friendly whilst also being quiet/private.  I have been in living situations where people preferred their own space and privacy versus someone bubbly & in your face.  I’m an introvert in my home environment.  Yet I will be social as required.

I may seem like I spend a lot of time on my computer (or on my iPad or iPhone) because I have an active interest in social media (management, training and networking), stay in contact with friends and family via email and social media as well as operate my businesses “via the cloud” thus needing for me to spend a lot of time online.

My work hours are erratic / non traditional.  Some weeks or days I may seem like I’m not doing much (I may also have given myself time off – one of the perks of having your own businesses!) and other weeks busy busy busy.   I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade and prefer being the boss 😉

I always do the best I can for Garry and Marnie.  I will not be looking for too much ‘help’ however am open to it.

*I would prefer to be able to bring my own fridge, if possible.

If you require further information just ask ! 

gcgirl @ me . com 

0420 355 887  please txt or leave a voicemail



* preferred suburbs:  Southport, Main Beach, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay, Paradise Point, Hope Island, Isle of Capri, Bundall, Benowa, Sorrento, Oxenford, Coombabah, Arundel, Hollywell, Carrara, Helensvale, Parkwood, Molendinar, Nerang, Ashmore, Highland Park, 

5 thoughts on “Room Wanted”

  1. Hello Vanessa, you and your beasties sound lovely! Our flat is still available if you are interested in this far south… it takes us 20 minutes to drive to Collangatta airport so this gives you some idea of location/distance. Our tenant moves out this weekend (15th) and we are then going to paint and clean and do some minor fix-ups, then anyone can come and have a look if interested. We have two dogs (lovers not fighters), 6 cats, 3 bunnies, 13 chickens, 12 budgies, 2 ponies, 2 snakes…. and a partridge in a pear tree (no, not yet, but I’m sure it WILL happen!). Let us know if you would like to come out for a visit………….. Cheers,
    Kay and Trev and fur-gang.

  2. Vanessa I might have a place that might suit you and garry and marnie you can its in Robina you can phone me on 0478086525 thanks Rhett

  3. Dear Vanessa! Thank you for all this information. I live all your pets and you would be the ideal tenant, however: in shared accommodation other people can be allergic to pets. This is the case in my current situation. I am not able to accommodate you at this point of time. In 4 weeks time I will receive a new shared house on Coombabah where you can be the first tenant . I will get back to you. Elisabeth 0404855884

    1. Hey Elisabeth

      Unfortunately, I have been given a deadline for when to move – this weekend. Thus I need to make a decision as to where I am living by tomorrow (Wednesday) . Thank you so much for the consideration !


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