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I’m listening to a special training from Benjamin Fitts (“Eagles In Training”)….  it’s about “customer gathering”.

What I’m hoping to learn and share with everyone is who are Send Out Cards customers.

Not to mention that “teams” of customers NOT DISTRIBUTORS are what is making some of the leaders in SOC successful.

Why ? Most Network Marketing companies have a retention rate of 3 months or so for customers…  SOC tends to keep customers much longer.

The first person they had share their experiences is Nicole.  She’s NOW a stay at home mum (or “Mom” ;)) after she previously worked as a speech pathologist.  She’s also an example of someone totally new (“virgin”) to network marketing.

  • Be tenacious
  • Never loose hope – follow up, follow up, follow up!
  • Allow promptings to play a part in your customer acquisition

The second person they had share their experiences is Lesley.  Les has been involved (at the time of this recorded training) with SOC for 3 years and has had previous experience with Network Marketing.

  • 24 customers – most of them subscription customers (very few Distributors)
  • He uses it to promote his other network marketing company (which goes to show that you shouldn’t rule someone out from being a customer even if they’re involved with another Network Marketing business)
  • He’s also a member of various chamber of commerce and so forth so has found customers via those avenues
  • Some of his 24 customers were “right under his nose” …. one of them his daughter ! 🙂
  • Another two more were travel agents
  • His greatest source of customers is a Little League club with not that many members
  • Most of his customers have come from networking clubs

The third person they had share their experiences is Todd & Christina (Todd is speaking).

  • Keep in contact with those who are keen.
  • Something ‘unique’ he has done is when he wanted to give a testimonial about their Concierge at a certain hotel he asked for the postal address of her boss and even that boss’s boss. Naturally, he included a photo of the Concierge and his testimonial on her wonderful work.  Long story short…  the business is seconds away from becoming a customer so they could send thank you cards to their customers (along the same lines yet kinda in reverse to what Todd did).

The last person they had share their experiences is Kathy. Kathy had been working for herself for over 13 years already.  She created and sold an amusement company. Also owned/operated a retail liquor store for 7+ years. She’s a divorcee and beating Breast Cancer 🙂

  • Her newest Marketing Distributor is her own son 🙂  thus do not under-estimate the value of your own family to become involved.
  • She uses social media to drop hints, tips etc to people on how using the cards may help them with their business etc


Here’s the killer difference between Send Out Cards and every other Network Marketing company “out there”… the majority of the leaders whom are doing well with this business have customers NOT distributors.  Serious.  The focus for Send Out Cards is for people to USE it as CUSTOMERS.  There is absolutely NO emphasis on being a distributor.  The customers can pretty much get all the little things that distributors can get (my handwriting digitized into a font as well as signatures and so on, etc)…  thus meaning the only reason anyone needs to join as an MD is for the income opportunity.

The point ?  You’re a success in Send Out Cards if you have 30+ customers and only 2 or 3 distributors.

Even better if you have 40+ customers and maybe only 2 distributors 🙂  Plus not all of those customers will be subscription – you still win when your “Pay As You Go” customers use this service.

What’s the difference between a customer and a subscription ?

There are three types of customers:  PAYG, Simple subscription $9.80 per month or Preferred Customer $31 per month subscription.  Thus when someone may say they have 100+ customers however only 20 subscriptions … they speaking overall total of customers including “pay as you go” customers.

There are also two “types” of PAYG customers as well:  the first are the ones that literally “pay as they go” and the second are subscription customers whom may have accumulated too many points (in their opinion) or have ‘tight’ finances thus have dropped back (temporarily turn off their subscription) to PAYG.

How & Where are YOU finding your customers ?


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  1. I associate with a high quality printing company in NYC and this would be awesome & cool to show with my friends. Looking forward to seeing their response

    Thanks Again!
    Fred Simyon

    1. Hey Fred 🙂

      Can I ask what do you mean “this would be awesome and cool to show with my friends” ? Do you mean Send Out Cards ? If so, feel free to click on any of the link on the right side bar 🙂 Or watch the 3 minute video at to share with your friends !

      Any further questions plus a free “tour” of the system – contact me ! 🙂

      xox Vanessa

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