Seriously people… ACN ? Really ? (& What IS Your Niche?)

Just wanted to blog about something I experienced recently.

I was the co-host for a local Speed Networking (NOT speed dating) event.  By the end of the night there were four out of 15 people in attendance who were all from ACN.  (Yes there were other network marketing people in attendance including my co-host who is involved with NuSkin and myself as I’m involved with SendOutCards). What was worse is that three of them all used the same exact business card so the only thing setting “Tracy” from “Mike” apart was their names.

What has this got to do with anything ?  It’s not just about how there was an overabundance of ACN people at the event. This is the same in a lot of networking marketing companies (except SendOutCards as far as I’m aware – not that many ACTIVE Distributors here in Australia).

When you become involved a network marketing business which “everyone else” is involved you need to set yourself apart.  Here is one big tip:

Find your niche !

Yes as an ACN distributor you are are a reseller of telecommunications (via Telstra and Optus) as well as electricity however what is your niche ?  One thing Amway had going for it is that you could niche yourself rather easily: Luxury Skincare (Artistry), Budget Skincare (Beauty Cycle), Water purifications systems, Cookware, Domestic Items, Weight Loss, Diet, Jewelry (Emma Page) and so on.  There were people earning good money via Amway with purely holding Emma Page (Jewelry) parties.

How to niche within ACN ?  Sell mobile phone plans as your niche…  internet plans as your niche… electricity as your niche… BE FOCUSED !

If you can find your niche then you can have your own intriguing business card instead of stock standard ones that tell me nothing about you.

(just a side note: when we had a ‘pitch parade’ where we chose 8 random people out of all the people in attendance who could tell us about their business to everyone for 1 minute….  we only let one person represent all of ACN thus 3 out of the 4 people lost out because they didn’t niche themselves adequately and make themselves seem like they were different than the other distributors)

That’s one thing I have learnt with SendOutCards – there are so many niches !  There is the fundraising branch (those who promote SOC as an opportunity for non profits, charities, schools to fundraise)…  for busy mums…  for business… and then within the business niche there are more specific niches:  referral marketing, relationship marketing, industry specific marketing, etc.

What is my niche ?  Pet Parents and Professional Pet Carers (those who run a pet care business)

 What is YOUR niche ?

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