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SHOP Frontier Pets Dog Food

Frontier Pet food offers great value for money.  That’s because we’re not selling you water!  If you were to remove the water from raw ingredients you would lose 70% or more of the weight and content.  Frontier Pet food is freeze-dried, which basically means that the water has been extracted.  When you add the water back into the food you’re reconstituting it to its original form.  You’re not diluting it, you’re reconstituting it.  Once reconstituted, the cost is around $12 a kilo, or about $2 per meal for a medium sized dog.

So you can now feel good about feeding your dog, without it costing the earth.



SHOP  Pet CPR, First Aid + Care  

Unfortunately thousands of pet are injured and die every year from preventable accidents. By knowing your pet’s health you can make a difference in the overall health, safety and care of your pet.

Save Your Pet’s Life & Reduce Vet Bills.. CLICK HERE


SHOP  Intimate  Tantric Sacred Touch and Play

These experiences can transform your life. Whether you are wanting to fully connect with yourself and feel full pleasure and orgasms, or maybe you are in a sexually unbalanced relationship, in transition from a breakup or loss, or struggling with sexual dysfunction, body issues or disabilities or want to become a better lover and fully orgasmic…or you may just simply need some deeper intimacy and connection. I am here to help you open to your desire and to surrender to your sensuality! I work with men, women and couples. Those with disabilities are also welcome.

BOOK YOUR Intimate Tantric Touch and Play Session – CLICK HERE

SHOP   Lady Vee’s 8 Week Shy To Stripperlike Confidence Masterclass

Are YOU WANTING TO BE passionate about your life, career/business and READY TO MAKE some positive changes? Lady Vee ( ) is seeking 8 women with curious minds and open hearts, who possess a healthy attitude, sense of fun, humour and adventure.

Enter your details below and Lady Vee will get back to you within 24 hours.


SHOP EJ Love’s Workshops For Women

This is for both single women and women in relationships who want to be able to have deeper, more loving and conscious relationships with themselves and the men in their lives. Whether you want the current man or men in your life to show up more fully or to attract someone who shows up with respect, love, honour and full support – this is for you !! Be aware that after you attend one of EJ Love’s workshops or retreats you’ll see men in a whole new light and relate to them on a whole new level that you didn’t know existed….

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