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Diane is going to be offering some advice from her 20+ years of experience doing MLM and almost 8 full years with Send Out Cards!


Okay, I’m not totally impressed by Diane to be honest. She might be a wonderful lady however she spent a lot of time being negative. A lot of time bashing (without mentioning names) other people ‘out there’ offering extra tools, support and “things” (aka distractions).  To be honest, she didn’t need to go on and on and on about them (how bad they are, how much they scam you, blah blah).  Basically saying things like what I’m promoting on my blog such as Magnetic Sponsoring are distractions and scams.

That is her opinion. For me ? They have helped me. The Magnetic Sponsoring has been of huge assistance in helping me re-learn a few key things.

Yes, I could easily learn this via SOC (and have previously learnt this in a way via other network marketing companies when I joined) however sometimes you can hear something said from one person over and over again yet as soon as you then hear the exact same thing being said by a different person (however said in a slightly different way)…  the lightbulb goes off.

Personally, I’m not one to bash other people whom want to sell these other tools as some of them genuinely are wanting to share their own knowledge and skills (what has worked for them).  Some of these tools are NOT distractions (if harnessed properly).

Granted, I do understand what DIane was saying even if I didn’t totally agree with ‘how’ she was saying it:



There are a lot of distractions available to us today including this blog post in and of itself. 🙂


I must admit I’ve been distracted a multitude of times in regards to MLM .. I start with one company only to leave it for another then try another and another.  Recently I let SOC go on the back-burner whilst I went off with another company only to come back to SOC.  In my opinion, the distractions weren’t bad.  It is was just me trying to find “it”. Trying to find where I feel I fit.

None of my “distractions” were failures. I learnt something about myself through each one.  I’m realising more and more what “I” like in a network marketing company and business opportunity.  Thus this is what works FOR ME … what works for you will be different and that’s the REAL beauty I have discovered about SOC compared to every other network marketing company around at the moment.

SOC really does focus on people building legitimate businesses – ones with REAL customers not just distributors whom are customers.  People whom are purely 100% customers. It doesn’t hide who it is and what it is about as there is nothing for it do ‘hide’ about due to it’s positive image.

Not to mention it offers very low barriers of entry for customers (PAYG – Pay As You Go!) … as well as the monthly autoship (as such which every Network Marketing company I’ve encountered has for distributors) is $31 per month. That’s it. $31.  Okay, maybe $50 per month if you include some extra to cover stamps (which is always an extra cost).

How REALLY EASY is that ?!

One of the last nuggets that Diane was mentioning is not only to stay focused and not be distracted – this takes time.  Very rarely will people will get rich overnight. This is something that takes consistent action over a period before you eventually build the momentum to REALLY go somewhere with it… yes, it will take years however in the meantime – STAY FOCUSED !


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