Stand Naked In The Mirror … and Smile !

… even better stand naked in the mirror, smile, breathe and move your body to whatever is your favourite music  

and be even more daring .. do this during the daylight or with the lights on (if of a night) 🌟

#shakethatass #ownyourbody #loveyourself

Believe it or not (possibly not), there was a time in my life where this would’ve been difficult for me. I am thankful everyday that I decided to become a stripper (in my mid-20s) as that was the perfect experience I needed to overcome my body issues.

(imo) It’s an industry built on objectification of women, where you’re judged on your looks first and foremost especially when you work as an “agency dancer” (doing bucks parties and so forth).

.. and that validation mostly came from men and a few women 😉 … yes I seeked that validation outside myself for quite awhile because that is what I needed at the time … and it worked … my hair.. my itty bitty titties.. my (short) legs.. my ass.. my back.. my pussy.. every inch of me was desired by someone ‘out there’ (and still is even tho’ I’m nearly 40!) … all this validation ingrained in me & gave “permission” for me to adore my body every damn day.

Now? I’m long past needing external validation tho’ I do always welcome compliments 😜😘 because that’s just the universe reminding me .. oi! you’re awesome

“When you are turned on as a woman, your way of life changes, you will experience more love, pleasure, fulfilment, deeper connections, real intimacy and an inner and outer confidence that you will not find through any diet, dress, partner or job. ” — Lisa Hughes 🙏🏽

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