Stripper. One word… with so many meanings !

Recently I asked for peoples’ opinions on whether to use the word StripperLike Confidence in my Facebook page name or just to call it Sensuality & Confidence Coaching ….  hoooo-boy!  CAN OF WORMS… OPENED !

For one word, it can hold such a potent negative connotation for a lot of ladies INCLUDING those who are former strippers.

Me ? It’s just a word to me…

I use the word Stripper because to me it alludes to the fact that if I didn’t when I was a stripper (in a strip club) talk to a wide variety of people when working… I wouldn’t make money ! My best/highest earning nights was when I was a “SuperStripper” aka “In The Zone” … and knew how to speak to anyone. I learnt both how to hustle (aka sell and not see selling as dirty – it’s quite fun IMO)… and I learnt how to be able to talk with just about anyone (even if it is was me that was doing all the talking because I learnt how to read people to see if they wanted me to be the talker or the listener).

Another bonus… and what I feel embodies what I’m trying to portray by using the word stripper (and why it is such an empowering word for me personally) is the fact that I can handle (pretty much) being thrown into any situation even if I know no one !

To me, stripper is far from a “dirty” word.  It’s actually empowering because it is because of the period of my life where I was a stripper… I was objectified… that I have been able to discover myself…  and be totally okay.. unashamedly me ! 🙂

A stripper is a woman who is confident in her sensuality. 

A stripper is a woman who knows her limitations/boundaries and demands people to respect them.

A stripper has ownership (and autonomy) of her body, mind and life.

A stripper is a woman comfortable in her vulnerability (and embraces it).

A stripper is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

A stripper is independent, fearless, assertive.

It actually has everything to do with who the lady is as a person versus “taking clothes off” or objectification…

How can this word be anything but empowering used in this way ?

Yet there are many many women “out there” who hold such a negative and/or narrow definition of this word… that are really offended by its use.


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