10 reasons why SensualFit is good for you

Dance Floor
Dance Floor (Photo credit: enric archivell)

There are many reasons why moving your body (also known as dancing) is good for us. It’s great fun and good for the body, mind and soul.

Here are 10 reasons why SensualFit is good for you:

1) Great way to exercise and stay fit

Dancing in any form is a great way to stay in shape. You go at your own pace and exercise even without noticing.

2) Burn calories !

Dancing is all about moving your body and moving your body is a great way to burn calories. How many will you burn depends on how vigorously you move! In a two-hour class you can burn from 400 to 800 calories.

Yes, weight management can be fun and enjoyable!

3) Move energy: increase meridian flow: Improved health

Dance can effectively promote good health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening the muscles, increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing stress, and many other positive benefits. Moving your body will unlock congestions and literary “put things moving” or in other words, awaken your body’s flow.

4) Connect to self

This is a precious time for yourself to be with you in body and heart. You always have the chance for deep listening, taking your movement as a meditation.

5) Connect to others

Where else can you share some body heat, be seen and supported, & play like the sensual being you are … and not even say a word!

You also get to meet new people and make new friends.

6) Express yourself 

Repressed emotions lead to illness. It is said that depression is repressed anger. On the dance floor, you can express what ever you are experiencing and that in itself, feels good! You don’t even need to know what your expression is about. The simple practice of “doing” will find its natural expression.

7) Build confidence

Every opportunity to go beyond your comfortable zone, provides a burst of confidence. You get to try new things out and receive a sense of success and achievement. You learn to embody your truth and to be comfortable in your own skin.

8) Lifts your mood

Any exercise can raise your spirits by raising the endorphins or so called feel good chemicals. This can lighten your mood and reduce the risk of depression.

9) Find clarity

The SensualFit journey takes you to a place where your mind can be more silent and your body more alert and alive ! It is only when the “dust settles” that you can see clearly.

10) Improved overall well-being

Dance has an outstanding positive effect on both physical and psychological well-being. Through dance, you connect to something bigger than yourself. We can call it the divine, life force, unity etc. You realise that you are part of this bigger picture.

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