What would a priestess do after her gut decided to smack her around ?

Facebook status Saturday 8 April 2017

This one decided to find a beautiful soul to help provide a much needed tantric sensual body and yoni (pussy) massage.

After my gut decided to “chuck a tantrum” at me about trying to re-introduce sugar (in the form of TimTams, jelly beans, etc) into my diet as well as being mindful that I can’t have a lot of creamy goodness anymore (yay I’ve got a minor lactose intolerant now) … I posted all the sweets I had left over within various Facebook groups to find someone to give them away too.

Whilst I may have kicked my little sugar addiction (or more like drastically reduced it), not everyone is the same and I hold no judgement towards them as .. I WAS JUST LIKE THEM.

Now my gut was happier with me .. the next step was to re-connect to myself .. my body .. to give it ALL some love again .. and thanks to a special (male) friend … I got exactly that yesterday. 💕💋🌸

Thanks to the experience I was re-introduced to a lot of different touch sensations in different parts of my body (my whole body by the way) .. so there’s that 😄 … and then when it came to the yoni/pussy massage … whilst I do pretty damn good on my own 😜 there’s just something BETTER when someone else does this for you .. and even better .. when I ALLOW MYSELF TO RECEIVE it. 🙏🏽

It makes me wonder how the world would be if more women were able to experience this bliss ? To be able to really enjoy and love their bodies without guilt or shame ? To allow someone to give them this pleasure and even better to allow themselves to receive it ? How healing would it be ?

WOMEN: When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive pleasure or even had a mind-blowing orgasm (that didn’t involve your clit) ? ( Feel free to PM if you want to continue the conversation privately. Otherwise I’m just asking in a hypothetical sense. )

Stand Naked In The Mirror … and Smile !

… even better stand naked in the mirror, smile, breathe and move your body to whatever is your favourite music  

and be even more daring .. do this during the daylight or with the lights on (if of a night) 🌟

#shakethatass #ownyourbody #loveyourself

Believe it or not (possibly not), there was a time in my life where this would’ve been difficult for me. I am thankful everyday that I decided to become a stripper (in my mid-20s) as that was the perfect experience I needed to overcome my body issues.

(imo) It’s an industry built on objectification of women, where you’re judged on your looks first and foremost especially when you work as an “agency dancer” (doing bucks parties and so forth).

.. and that validation mostly came from men and a few women 😉 … yes I seeked that validation outside myself for quite awhile because that is what I needed at the time … and it worked … my hair.. my itty bitty titties.. my (short) legs.. my ass.. my back.. my pussy.. every inch of me was desired by someone ‘out there’ (and still is even tho’ I’m nearly 40!) … all this validation ingrained in me & gave “permission” for me to adore my body every damn day.

Now? I’m long past needing external validation tho’ I do always welcome compliments 😜😘 because that’s just the universe reminding me .. oi! you’re awesome

“When you are turned on as a woman, your way of life changes, you will experience more love, pleasure, fulfilment, deeper connections, real intimacy and an inner and outer confidence that you will not find through any diet, dress, partner or job. ” — Lisa Hughes 🙏🏽

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She is magic

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Three very powerful words… (imo)

One of the many tv shows I like to indulge in is called Masters of Sex. It isn’t what you think at all ! (lol)  Seriously, click here to know more.

Currently it is in it’s first season.  I just finished watching Episode 4 (the latest episode at the time of this blog)


Just before the credits. Right at the end… (I’ll do my best to not spoil it for you)… a male character is describing the main female character.  Dr Masters is listening to the recording of the male describing the female.  Considering their study is about human sexuality in America this is why the male character (on the recording) is mentioning this woman.

The male character was explaining why the female he’s describing isn’t a good ‘baseline’ to determine his sexual experiences… Dr Masters asks him “Why?”

( click here to listen to the audio )

Because this one is different.

She knows herself…

She knows what feels good.

She’ll TELL you…

and she wants you to tell her…

what you want her to do to you…

what your fantasy is… which is a fantasy in itself, am I right ?

I’m telling you Doctor .. this woman is magic.


Cue credits. What is ingenious is that I don’t know if this woman is aware of the fact that this guy has described her as such.  She may not be aware of just how magical a creature she is to this man (or how much Dr Masters is fascinated with her).  How much he adores her for her magic.

Notice also that at no time did this male character say that this female character because she is sensually confident (yes, THIS is what I call sensual confidence) is a slut, or a whore or any other generally negative label.  No. He said:

This woman is magic. 

I have to admit. When it comes to sensuality, if someone described me as magic – I would be on cloud nine.  It’s better than being described as sexy or hot.

THIS is my desire for all women – we may be out of the 1950s … in a new century… saturated with literature about sex and female orgasms and so forth however there are still a lot of women who are far removed from the above.  A lot of women who feel awkward asking for it (initiating) let alone ‘telling’ their partner what exactly works.   PLUS having the confidence in themselves as sensual/sexual beings that the fantasies the male is telling you – are that. They don’t have to be paranoid that he is going to try to live those fantasies.  They don’t have to second guess themselves.  Stop doubting themselves.

They are magic.  All women are bewitching magical beings if they would just let themselves be 🙂

THAT is what I am hoping to achieve with Lady Vee (Sensual Confidence Coach) and SensualFit.

Enough of me…..


Tell me what YOU think ?



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