My Tantric Reiki Meditation

My Tantric Reiki meditation is something I self-created listening to my intuition. Whether it is right or wrong is of no concern to me as all traditions and practices started somewhere by someone doing the exact same thing (listening and acting upon their intuitive knowledge mixed with what they had already been taught).

My Tantric Reiki meditation is a mixture of “Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho” Reiki meditations along with the principles of breathwork, sound, touch and movement from tantra harnessing life force/sexual energy to clear my meridians, focus my mind, ground/centre and re-charge me for the day.

You can find more info about the Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho mediations at ( here )

Set aside at least a minimum of 5 minutes (longer best).

1. Sit comfortable. Your spine should be straight, but don’t be afraid to sit under a wall to help you keep your posture.

2. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe in through your nose, and while you do so, you should touch your palate with your tongue, just behind your teeth.

3. Place your hands in the Gassho mudra – hands in prayer position at the heart.

4. Begin to breathe – breath in through your nose (filling your belly not your chest) with your tongue touching your palate just behind your upper teeth. Breath out through your mouth slightly opened with your tongue relaxed. Make sure that your breath is slow, peaceful, and yet very natural and comfortable.

I stay doing this for as long as I need listening to my intuition as to when to move on to Joshin Kokyu Ho

5. Rest your hands, palms up, on your legs / in your lap & focus your awareness on an area deep inside your body mid way between your navel and the top of your pubic bone – this is known as the seika tanden.

6. In your mind’s-eye see and feel the Reiki energy flowing down from above, as a stream of crystal clear light. And as you breathe in – naturally, effortlessly – the light floods into your crown, and flows down throughout your body into your seika tanden.

7. On the out breath, expand the energy out through your body in all directions, out through the skin, expanding the energy out into your surroundings.

I stay doing this for as long as I need listening to my intuition as to when to move on to the tantric part of my mediation.

8. Stand up straight positioning feet should-width apart. Bend slightly at your knees and relax. Gently tighten up your abdominal muscles and buttocks then start moving your hips left to right, front to back then circle.

9. Whilst moving your hips, take deep breaths filling your belly and on the exhale make a sigh or a sound.

It’s like “fake it till you make it” as these sounds will tell your subconscious mind “oh i’m having pleasure” and will bring about more pleasure.


10. Before I finish I will start caressing my body in whatever way I’m intuitively guided to do.

To complete the meditation I just stop and return the Gassho mudra position.

This whole meditation is intuitively guided – sometimes I may skip (as it’s not needed everyday the Joshin Kokyu Ho portion). Sometimes I will go straight into “a temper tantrum” (if I feel any sadness, anger, anxiety or other energy that needs to be released) before I complete.

The trouble comes when you can’t come out from under the blankets…

You’re struggling? Good. That means you’re moving forward. Chasing something. Going after what you want.

Here’s the deal: Trying to change yourself or the world (both are interrelated) will eventually bring on doubt – about everything. What you do. Who you are. Who you want to be. All of it goes under the microscope. That’s normal.

The trouble comes when you can’t come out from under the blankets.

Whilst you’re learning how to switch your thoughts (there are numerous ways to learn to do this from ‘just doing it’, journalling, EFT/Tapping and so forth) .. something that also works great for me is a little tantric – using breath, sound, touch and movement.

Start moving your body especially focusing on moving your hips (however you want to move your hips there is no right or wrong here), caressing your body with your hands, feeling into your body whilst breathing.

Breathe in and do a full breath thru your diaphragm not the usual adult way thru your chest.. and on the out breath let whatever noise comes out.. come out. (If you don’t feel called to make a noise or cannot for whatever reason – that’s okay – just know you can let a groan, moan or whatever noise out on the out breath.)

Concentrate on the breath, hear the sound, feel your touch on your body and the movement of your body.

Do this for 5 mins and tell me how you feel … ?

If you start judging yourself, make a mental note when you did in this ritual and just keep going .. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and INTO YOUR BODY.

As soon as you’re in your body and out of your head you will FEEL .. and then you can uncover what’s under those low thoughts .. you’ll get more clarity. (They may not even be YOUR thoughts as sometimes we can take on other peoples’ beLIEfs about ourselves.)

All I know is the above works for me.

( Also KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED as dehydration is also linked to depression. Have a drink of something WITHOUT sugar or caffeine in it. )

If you find anger is under this feeling low, take it out on a pillow: screaming into it is an oldie but a goodie that works for me to release anger. (There are other ways – PM me if you want to know more.)

Then breath again. Never underestimate the power of breathing.