Take hold of opportunities when they’re thrown at you

Marie Forleo’s B-School is being heavily promoted by herself as well as her “affiliates” at the moment.

So when THIS Aussie version that is actually will give me a nationally recognised qualification too popped up as a Facebook advert in my news feed.

I was curious. I checked out the website.

Then decided, what the hey … I have nothing to loose as it won’t cost me a cent (because of VET FEE help!) … and applied.

Guess what… IT STARTS MONDAY!   I got in “under the wire” hahahaha

The “agent” who assisted me to apply for the VET FEE help as well as enrol liked my submission 🙂  out of all the emails mine sounded the best in awhile.

Thank you Luke. I’m a woman who has very specific desires and knows what she wants 😛  and I will NOT apologise or feel shame for them.

So. Anywho.

Let’s see how this goes ? As it had VET FEE help … that was the biggest seller for me personally (right now).

If I ever make the sort of money where I would need to pay VET FEE back .. awesome 😀  I only HOPE to have that problem !! 😀

Curious what I said in my email ?  Basically outlined that I have two existing businesses I want to have “happening” (read: consistent income) and one that I would like to start when I’m 40.

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