The Art of Engagement (5 Secrets To More Leads Using Facebook Groups)

I’m currently partaking in Kimra Luna’s “Get Visible” Challenge.

Day 1: Today we’re talking about the art of engagement, specifically in Facebook groups.

Avoid making these 3 engagement faux pas and you’ll be more visible in no time!

#1 Don’t diss your host

#2 Don’t expect to be introduced to everyone.

#3 Don’t forget to bring a bottle.

So there you have it – 3 things you shouldn’t do in Facebook groups if you want to make yourself really visible online.

As I’m more of a person who likes to focus on “what to do” versus “what not do do” … and also because both as an administrator AND user AND someone who has left/been kicked out of a few Facebook groups (lol!)…  I’d love to expand upon what Kimra has mentioned to include a few extra bonus tips:

BONUS TIP #1:  How to be accepted not ignored (get past the gate keeper!)

I’ve been an administrator of location, theme or industry specific Facebook groups.  I’m also a business owner with her own facebook group who is aiming to work with people in certain localities (my group, my goals, my rules).

You need to have your location/hometown and work sections of your Facebook profile made public !  These are the vital components any self-respecting Facebook group admin will “check out” when deciding whether to approve you or not.

I have ignored (denied) many people due to not being able to see this information at minimum.

BONUS TIP #2:  The 5 Words Every Admin Loathes !

“Please delete if not allowed”

If you feel yourself typing these five words at the start of your post within a group – please DO NOT POST !   Every Facebook Group Administrator loathes these five words because it shows a total utter lack of respect to the administrator/s.  You’re basically saying to them:  “I’m too lazy and selfish to be bothered to see if this post is allowed in your group. I don’t have any respect for the time and dedication it takes to be a Facebook Group administrator. Fuck you.”

Pretty much.

There is a simple way to ensure that your post will both be allowed AND you’ll gain the respect of the administrators:   ASK FIRST.

Send them a message (you can find who is listed as administrators under the members section of the Facebook Group) or post in the group asking for one of the administrators to get in touch with you.

Bring your stories, knowledge and experiences (good and bad) and share them.  Start conversations, respond when people talk back and keep the dialogue going, just like you’d do in a real-life discussion.

The extra bonus tip I’d add to this is that you need to prepared for something you write to be taken the wrong way.   Due to the fact text based communication, like Facebook, is missing 2 vital components of human communication (tone of voice and non verbal body language) this will mean the person reading it will colour it with their own judgements and perceptions.

Even WITH the use of emojis (emoticons – smiley faces and so forth) there is still huge potential for something you’re written (“said”) to be misunderstood.

Mix in there the fact that no one really likes to be ‘hated’ or ‘attacked’ (heated emotions) and you have the reason why I personally have left Facebook groups or been asked to leave.

At the end of the day, with Facebook Groups, there are so many that if you are “not feeling it” or have been asked to leave (or even been banned or kicked out without warning as some administrators are quite harsh whereas others are more easy going) …  take some time out… take many deep breaths… and find another !

Or even create your own 😉


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