The Facts On MLM and Network Marketing

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Are You Stuck Like 90% of The Population?

If you took the average individual and kept a record of them through out their whole lives here is the trend you would see:

1) They Go to school for 20 years of their lives

2) They work for 40 years of their lives

3) They retire for 5, on 40% of what they could not afford to live on in the first place.

This is the exact system that most of you are in. This system is broken! It simply makes no sense! We have a universal system that teaches you how to be a worker drone in the collective! You go to school and get an education, then you get a job working peanuts for someone else on the 40 year plan, living for retirement and when it finally shows up you retire and live your golden years depending on other people. What a wonderful concept!!

Let’s explore this a little further. The majority of people live in what is known as the – TIME FOR MONEY TRAP. The more time you give your employer the more money you make. The less time you give your employer the less money you make. You work for nine hours you get paid for nine hours. You work four hours, you get paid for four hours. If you are not there working you get nothing, it isLINIER income.

People have a misconception that a Job is security, the fact is there is no security with a job! And on top of it you probably don’t even enjoy it. Even if highly paid professionals are stuck in this time for money trap, except at a higher level!

If this sounds familiar keep reading……

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2 thoughts on “The Facts On MLM and Network Marketing”

  1. I am being hard pressured by a sales rep in my area to become a sales person. I have asked several times the price of enrollment, or even the price of a box of chocolate for personal use, and instead of a forthcoming answer, i am being pressured into a meeting with the reps superior, so she can tell me. I dont understand what the big secret is, unless its an ungodly amount of money and shes afraid to tell me? I was totally turned off of this product when I couldnt just get a straight answer from the person trying to sell it to me. Is this normal sales tactics for this product?

    1. Hi Ang !

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 You’re my first !

      Here is what my sponsor has to say and I do agree with her (we work more as a team than “upline/downline” stuff). I’ve also email-ed this personally to you 🙂 Any prices quoted below are generally in USD

      Hi Ang,
      It’s no mystery, and the wholesale price of the Xocai chocolates ranges from $1 – $1.68 per piece when you buy regularly, depending on which of four products you choose. There are a couple of other products like meal replacement and chocolate drinks too.

      When people are new to a product range that has a few options, they are encouraged to connect with someone else who knows more at first. That is the purpose of our 3 way calls, so we don’t have to know it all to share chocolate with someone.

      There is a starter pack with options for a 1 box kit depending on whether you would want to share a few, have your own referral website or just consume at wholesale. You then can get a personal supply auto ship order at either 4 weeks or 8 weeks. This ranges somewhere between $161 and $181 to get started.

      If someone is interested in starting a healthy chocolate home business the kits are around $332 – $886 for either 2 box kits or 6 box kits, with an auto-ship every 4 weeks.

      I hope this helps you understand that she was not being mysterious, but until you know more about which option you may want, she would want someone to give you options.

      It would be great to talk with you anytime to answer your questions, no pressure, no obligations, just to get you the answers you need.

      m: 0405 007 977

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