The Idea of The RUDE Customer

I no longer believe there is such a thing as ‘rude’ customers.

(There was a time when they were VERY real.)

When someone is a “rude” customer, in my current beliefs, they’re actually showing you a precious gift – their wound, their anxiety, their struggle.

From here, it’s totally up to you to come from a place of compassion and love and ask them if they would like to work past it (always do so with consent – try to avoid “fixing it” without their permission) or understanding they’re happy to stay in their story/struggle.

Some people are happy with their story/struggle/wound thus all we need to do is say to them “with love this isn’t the fit for you at this time” (listen to your intuition – you’ll find the right words).

Will this make them even more angry ? Maybe. Whatever happens is not up to you anymore. That’s their choice as they are their own person.

Also, if you’re being triggered to react to something someone has said or done that’s a huge treasure for you .. something for you to explore .. why did you react ? what is the story or beLIEf around it ? explore it.

Lastly, and most importantly, be kind and compassionate to yourself if you are reacting (being triggered) .. notice it .. and DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO (once again – listen and ACT on your intuitive knowing!) to be able to find the treasure in the trigger.

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