The Secret To SuperPeri Confidence … REVEALED !

I originally posted this as a Facebook status (click here for the original).  What I say, is the truth .. it is the key to why I can do live video and even ‘recorded’ video. It’s due to confidence and laughter. 

I can see why a lot of women falter when it comes to doing a video and then posting to their Facebook profile (outside the safe supportive environment within a Facebook Group)…..

Thanks to Periscope, I’ve learnt to embrace my authentic self (crazy, flawed, fast talking, loud, and everything!) and know that the right people will “get me” 🙂 and to ignore the nay-sayers (aka trolls).

I had some random guy who isn’t even one of my friends message me today his unwanted and unsolicited opinion about how I wasn’t wearing a bra in my video. 

Here’s the low down for those who are new to “me” —

I don’t see nipples as inherently sexual on any person’s body especially that of a woman. I’m a BIG supporter of Free The Nipple. I’m a BIG supporter of women being confident and loving their bodies. I’m a BIG supporter of body autonomy for women (even when I dislike what you’re doing to your body I fully embrace your right to do WHAT YOU WANT to your body).

Now you can see that his why comment was amusing …

Poor man thought his opinion was so great that he just HAD to tell me when I never asked nor wanted it. Wow. You’re so important.. I do not know you Mr Strange Man who doesn’t contribute to my life in any meaningful way.

😀 hahahaha (laughing)

The other one is that.. ah… he better not watch ANY of my Periscope videos… ever… hahahahahahahaha I’ve done well over 100 broadcasts… and all of them… OMG!?!?! BRA-LESS!!!!! WHAT A TRAVESTY! (I’m totally being sarcastic and dramatic.)

Thank you Mr “You’re Not Wearing A Bra” … you gave me a laugh 🙂

TO ALL THE WOMEN WORRIED ABOUT BEING JUDGED HARSHLY … laugh. Laugh some more. Then go do something you LOVE .. surround yourself with beings who LOVE you (being can be human and non human 😛)… and click “start broadcast” (or record). Remember, it opinions of random strange men (or women for that matter) are inconsequential to the impact YOU sharing YOUR MESSAGE can do for the world.



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