The Summerlands Project – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Just the other side of death’s curtain are The Summerlands. All the pets who have died go through this curtain and though they can still watch us, we can’t see them. Sometimes the curtain is thin in places and we catch a glimpse of our lost companion waiting on the other side. Sometimes the curtain twitches as they look through at us and we can feel them or feel a sudden draft as the curtain falls back into place.

The Summerlands exist in the long, lazy late afternoons of an eternal golden summer of remembered childhood; the time when everything seems most alive and sweetest smelling. Our animals are [vibrant] and [re]turned to perfect health. There is always space and time to play and love, places to be with others and places to be alone together.

When our time comes, the curtain is lifted from our eyes and we can see The Summerlands ourselves. Waiting there for us are the animals and people we loved in life and we can see them clearly at last.

Summerlands was written by Sarah Hartwell



The Summerlands Project aims to:

  • Provide Funds to Local and National Charities and Rescues to Promote Adoption of Senior (and/or Special Needs) Pets
  • To create a network of organisations, charities, rescues, businesses and individuals to assist in providing affordable hospice and palliative care within their communities
  • To collaborate with other organisations, charities, business and individuals to improve hospice and palliative care within their communities
  • To encourage microchipping of pets and to keep their details up2date
  • To provide support for Lost and Found Pets (and their owners) within the local Gold Coast community


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