The Truth About Being A Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneur – Episode 1

BizPeriShowToday’s episode covered Two of my Truths (for the price of one!! What a bargain!!!)  😛   They both work with each other thus the reason there are two for this “Truth” episode.

Truth 1.

Respecting my boundaries. 

Truth 2.

The “rule” of plenty. 



I received a call today from an local pet owner who needed someone to come “baby sit” her dog for one hour around 1pm.   Received the call around 9.30am.

The inquirer’s story goes that her flatmate lost his key to the house “somewhere around the neighbourhood”.  Due to this, the flatmate was leaving the home unlocked and she was fretting about the welfare of her pet.


Whilst I was booked currently doing doggie daycare in my home for a regular client – I could’ve left and done the job for one hour (not counting travel time) with no harm done to either my own dog and/or the dog doing doggie daycare. Thus I was available and I could’ve taken on the work.


I said no.

I told the lady that her best bet due to the very last minute urgent nature of her request was to keep using Google and keep calling around until someone said yes.

Truth 1.  I respected my boundaries.

This is the only way I’ve been able to keep sane since I commenced my business in 2007.  Her emergency was not my emergency.  Not to mention I have a policy that I require at least 2-3 days notice for ANY new clients.

Naturally, if this was an existing client whom has used my services within the last year I would’ve said yes. I give this courtesy to existing clients only as I am already familiar with the pet/s and home. 

I honestly don’t care how much money you’re throwing at me or how much potential business I “may” loose due to adhering to my policy.

Not to mention, a big lesson I’ve learnt is to train new clients from the start on how YOUR business operates.  If you let them take advantage of you now at the start … don’t be surprised that this client might ALWAYS have last minute urgent requests for you. (It happens more often than not and I’ve had that unfortunate experience myself a few times over the years.)

It’s a boundary I have in my business and I have enough self respect to keep to my boundaries.

Which leads me into Truth 2.  The “rule” of plenty. 

Ever since I started my pet care business in 2007, this is a rule that I’m reminded of time and time again.

I’ve been through some really trying times over those years … and for some of last year (and into the start of this year) my business was even insolvent !    Yet here I am … with rent paid, food in my belly, my pets happy and healthy (and me too generally speaking).


Yes, I said no to this lady. Yes, I may have lost out on possible potential business from her or whomever she referred to me (as whomever assisted her will be her hero as such due to the last minute urgent nature of her booking).

At the same time, she won’t be the last person to need my services.

Look around you.  There is evidence of plenty everywhere.

There is more than enough business for everyone.  I’ve experienced this time and time again that this is a truth and belief for me.

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